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  1. My guess exactly. More people on the job means you can get more done within the same timeframe.
  2. Well, making components for some spells rare (like, say you need a Dragon's egg to cast Resurrection) could be a way of limiting the use of very powerful spells. At the same time you could making a meaningful quest out of getting that Dragon's egg to revive this or that lord or your fallen comrade. IIRC True Seeing required you to smear a smelly mushroom paste on your eyes, costing 500 gp a pop. Do you really want think you'll get away with smearing nasty paste on your eyes at the Duke's party, trying to spot the guest hiding behind an illusion?
  3. Pointy hats are a given. Otherwise, how will I make my character look like this?
  4. Based on this update, I think I will answer yes to the question posed by my profile picture. BOOM, baby!!
  5. The companion I remember best from any game is definitely Alistair from Dragon Age. He's a cheerful, very human lad who tries so hard to be a man. The way he'd change gradually over the game if you repeatedly told him that the world was a hard place and he'd better harden up or be crushed - well, it was just a very believeable journey. He's not your typical hero, he's even reluctant to be one, but he's loyal and wants to be a good person. I think his humanity and the tough positions he's thrust into despite not being ready made me feel sympathy for him and even like him.
  6. Agreed. It's also full of good non-black-and-white dilemmas in which player choice would be very interesting. As a feudal lord, it's your job to provide stability to the region and protection to its inhabitants. This requires investment in military infrastucture and equipment, and wages and training for your soliders. That money needs to come from somewhere, so you expect the people under your protection to supply the goods and ultimately money to make this possible, which means collecting taxes. Given that the world is an unsafe place in these times of turmoil, if you don't get the taxes, p
  7. I don't know about you guys, but I found myself stressed out by chapter 2. I even found myself reloading to avoid taking on a quest by an NPC that walked up to me and jammed it down my throat while saying that "If you don't do this real soon, actually like now, it will be too late and you will miss out on something". I was already torn between doing time-sensitive quests for three followers that I wanted to keep and this was just too much. I go to work to get stressed out, when I play video games I want to relax and do things in my own time! That's why I play pausable adventure games and not o
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