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  1. Reinoc


    Max Pacioretty suffered a severe concussion and a fractured vertebrae. Will Chara get suspended? Nice angle at 1:00.
  2. Here's a happy thought, just imagine if you're walking down the sidewalk of a busy street, and the person behind you is a rich bastard, and he just goes and gives you 1000$. Seriously, that wouldn't suck. I mean, it's almost scary. I mean, some crazy person you don't know could help you at any time when you're walking down a street in the city, or even at work or high school or college or anywhere else. People are unpredictable, and some of them intend to do good. Just something to think about. And something to remember next time you're walking down a busy side walk or something.
  3. The number of people that have won multiple times changes nothing. In a previous statement you say the odds are 1 in 10 millions, and that she bought lets say 10000 tickets in her life. The odds of her winning four times is 10millions^4/10000=10^24. That other people won multiple times doesn't change these odds. Now I guess you'll say 10^24= impossible, but you would be wrong.
  4. You assume it's the same well. When MiB threw Desmond in the well (!) he said there were many of them around the island, iirc.
  5. Reinoc


    There is no episode this week.
  6. She probably gained a level and swapped her Speak language points from Croatian to German.
  7. In my opinion, you may mean vagina.
  8. Maybe the bomb exploding at the same time the incident happened ****ed things up with the wheel-thingy that moves the island.
  9. Bomb explodes --> Losties go from 1977 to 2007 --> Losties push reset button --> Plane flies by in 2004, nobody remembers anything. They thought the bomb was the reset button, but what it did was send them back to their time. Maybe the reset button is something else, like, I don't know really, maybe killing Smokie. It's just a theory, one I really don't want to happen. We've seen flashbacks we believed were the present, flashforwards we believed were flashbacks, now we may be seeing flashsideways that are in reality flashforwards of a still unexisting past. lol That doesn't make s
  10. What if the new 2004 timeline is the future of the "after-bomb" 2007? What we think is an alternate timeline is actually a flash-forward? By the end of the season they would have succeeded in pushing the reset button. I hope that's not it.
  11. Personnaly, I'd go with ranger/fighter. You can become assassin as soon as 6th level. At that level the rogue would not give you much sneak attacks (assassins don't get sneak I think). To be effective you would need 10 levels of rogue to get crippling strike (requirement for Epic precision). With ranger/fighter you'd have a better attack bonus, more feats, and the possibility to dual-wield. Keep your skill points for the ranger levels (to boost hide and move silently). After the assassin levels, if you want to hide a lot take ranger levels. It's also good for improved versions of dual wielding
  12. These parents need to be shot in the knees or , at the least, wear a sign around their neck saying "I named my child [insert stupid name]"
  13. The US has already admitted it acted too slowly to the outbreak, and the WHO has voiced similar concerns. Yes, but the WHO won't get fooled again.
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