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  1. Hi Justin, first of all, thanks for your awesome work, you did an excellent job on the soundtracks. I went to that soundcloud page, but I can't actually download or purchase the songs from there. The link to the Amazon site results in a 404. A seach of Amazon shows that the White March Soundtrack is not available at all on Amazon to purchase. I tried Spotify and got the same results. I can't (and won't) use iTunes, so that's a bust. There is no way to even search the iTunes store without downloading their invasive software on my PC, and I'll never do that. Can you look into why Am
  2. I agree, it would be ready nice to know when this patch will go live. I've been dealing with the bug where the journal and visions never update and it is beyond annoying to be 3/4 through with the game and have a blank journal and zero visions logged.
  3. Why remove the benefit of one-handed fighting when using a shield? The shield focus does nothing for offense.
  4. I have the same problem. I created a new character (Aumaua Barbarian) a few days ago and have now become the master of Caed Nua, however my Biography does not have a single update in it besides my initial character selection and backstory choices. The visions list is also completely blank. Please please please fix this, it is hindering my enjoyment of the game greatly. My most recent save: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B85mJdIe0mAcNTlRd1JsMUpCU2s
  5. IE Mod looks promising

  6. Did you uninstall the backer beta? When I first installed the released game, I had the same problem that you had, but after I uninstalled the backer beta, I was able to zoom way the hell in like I wanted to. Now, however, the new patch has completely goofed the zoom system up terribly.
  7. Not to mention that the people that chose the DRM-free version from GOG don't even have achievements, because they are a pretty ridiculous thing to begin with. This game is an RPG, so it has plenty of replay value on its own merits than needing to artificially manufacture reasons to keep playing with achievements. I, like so many others on here, can't fully reply to this type of nonsense without risking a ban. Ugh. I keep losing respect more and more for younger gamers.
  8. Well, the new patch (1.03) broke my zoom now. Uninstalled and reinstalled without the new patch. I play at 2560x1440, so being able to zoom in is way too important for me. I'd rather have a little pixelation but a more intimate atmosphere, than barely be able to see the action at all. Gross.
  9. I just wanted to comment that when I beta testing this game I was really really annoyed with not being able to zoom in very far at all, since I play at 2560x1440. It was so bad in the beta that I actually had to play at 720p to get a feeling similar to the old IE games. I was very much relieved to find that the devs listened to our complaints in the initial release build, and I was able to zoom in satisfactorilly, and even a bit more that was needed, which was very nice. It did indeed create a bit of pixalation on the background images, but that wasn't really that bad, especially since the
  10. Restarting was not helpful for me at all. However, I still had the backer beta installed when I installed my GOG copy. I ended up uninstalling both the backer beta and the GOG version and then reinstalled the GOG version and all is well. This also cleared up a few other oddities like some options were missing (that I was not aware even existed since they were not int he backer beta). All is working since my reinstall. I hope I don't encounter this bug again, since it was gamebreaking and in reality I lost a couple of good solid game playing days to try to get this working.
  11. Hahaha, wow I totally forgot that I had paid the extra $8 for this so many months ago. I thought it was a forum badge too, didn't realize that I had to do something extra here to get it. Can I be "Vulchor - Nameless One of the Obsidian Order"? I did submit this on the backer survey that was sent to me a year or two ago, but I guess that system didn't work so well.
  12. I want to like Pillars of Eternity but I can't even loot anything! Please fix the bugs!

  13. I'm on Windows 7 64-bit and I have this problem as well. This is my first playthrough and it happens right away that the containers in the camp do no open (icon changes and I hear the sound but no window pops up) and I cannot loot my kills either. I have the DRM-free version from GOG, not Steam. I have restarted the game several times and reloaded from my original save file taken immediately after char creation. I've tried attaching my dxdiag, my savegame, and the output logs but the forums won't let me. It tells me, in the case of the text files, that the upload fails and gives no rea
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