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  1. After enabling double speed in combat, on the second press of D the game returned to normal speed but when ever i enter combat attacks occur at an incredibly high rate. No matter what i press i'm unable to return combat to normal speed
  2. He's like Pikachu, doesn't like being stuffed in my back pocket
  3. There was another thread about locks which i've put a link to this one in, and just for completeness here's a link to that one http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/66933-unlocking-locked-things/
  4. Theres an new thread about lockpicks this explains locks a bit although also acknowledges an issues with a specific door http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/67965-lock-picks-seem-kinda-glicky/
  5. Not sure if these are necessarily bugs or intended but they've caused me a couple of issues Scouting shows pet's outline as enemies (and shows attack when hovering) When scouting i spotted the yellow and red circles of something approaching a door that i was behind, so i decided to quickly hit it with magic only to find some toasted bacon was all that was left of my pet pig I'm not sure exactly what i expected the display of the piglet to be but this was misleading and lead to a reload. Piglets starts fights while i'm scouting While i was scouting my piglet managed to wander off
  6. I get the same, but the cloak is on my main char and it's in the background for all characters. Below is an image of it: (hopefully this is the same bug )
  7. Not sure if it's been reported but could find it. Details: The load screen from the main menu (just after staring the game) shows only 0 seconds for every saved game. This doesnt happen from the in game menu though. Expected: Playtime to be shown on each save game Attachments: Screen shot of the load screen showing 0 seconds playtime
  8. If i remember correctly one of the chests in the Inn was locked, just interacting with it with my rouge gave me a log entry along the lines of "chest successfully unlocked using mechanics". I didn't have any lock picks at that point
  9. Had the same issue, although once for me it didn't stop playing until i re-loaded. I tend to find the issue is when i pause/auto-pause on a knock down. Pausing during sound effects seem to put them on a loop
  10. [Description of the issue] When levelling up while sneaking/stealth the NPC rings show through the levelling screen [Expected behaviour] When entering the Levelling up screen, expected to see it as normal (nothing from the game play to show up) [Other remarks / Comments] Only tried this at the starting point by the bridge, not tested else where in the game [Files] Attached screen shot shows the detection rings
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