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  1. Sounds like you're looking for extra content in terms of TC type additions. Some people just told you it isn't that simple ... do you know how many people START work on TC's and never finish them? The main problem is ... the amount of time put into quality TC's is enormous. On another note: Why the heck are you trying to compare NWN modules to KOTOR mods? That's like taking Morrowind mods and doing the same comparison ... the devs there released utilities that make anyone who looks twice at the game able to add content. That was the entire POINT behind NWN ... and it was a major
  2. ... So in the end we're supposed to be some character ripped from Dune? (e.g. read God Emperor of Dune) ... *sigh.
  3. I thought the level cap was so high anyhow, it didn't really matter. Just kill more things!
  4. Baydool! (w00t) (rofl ... the dork from Quest of the Delta Knights) Ok ... maybe not ....
  5. In tennis it's a question of acceleration ... in fencing it's also an acceleration issue. Lightsabers (note the word saber) should rely more heavily on acceleration than strength? " Anyhow, just stating that while the physics lessons are admirable, you'd expect a weapon to be deadlier the faster it was swung ... expecially if the blade isn't exactly "breakable". Strength only comes into the question when ... you're REALLY weak .... or perhaps if you wanted to crush someone's armor. Since it's a energy-ish weapon, I'm thinking the crushing part doesn't really factor in? Bah wha
  6. Alright ... this is stupid. The idea for sequels is: Don't fix what ain't broken. At the same time, make it work as smoothly as before. Halo 2 followed that formula, and added some things that were interesting. Kotor 2 does the same. Halo = 9.7; Halo 2=9.4 Kotor = 9.1; Kotor 2 = 8.5 So a .3 difference and a .6 difference Big deal. I care about the storyline, so to me, the graphic glitches are an inconvience. In general, as long as the game isn't suddenly a 7 when I'm expecting 8 to 9, I'll sift the reviews to see if major CTD's or experience breaking problems (fps of
  7. Pretty typical considering the massively inflated Halo 2 review in relation to the original KOTOR score. One of the reasons I don't take the numeric score into account when buying a game. It should be a crime that this type of prostitution has an effect on game sales. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> On the note of game sales ... Of course numeric score has an effect on game sales ... care to explain why Battlezone did so poorly? Or Thief? System Shock? Why did FROGGER (jeez!) do so well when the reviews were horrid? Since in general, the highly rated games are actually pr
  8. It's interesting that so many people are pissed about the score. If you scour most forums, I wonder how many people over-estimate the scores? I reviewed games awhile back for fun (actual reviewing; corporate pre-release stuff, not this buy and review it crap), and if you tried appeasing all the folks out there, you'd never win. My reviews were both a general indicator of how the game stacks up to the competition within and outside the genre. As I've noted, it's always easier to review hardware than software. Hardware you just get faced with the facts -- software reviews you get to deal
  9. Rofl Maybe they're still in high school, in which case you can attribute it to an alderian inferiority complex.
  10. Fears: Handling of the conclusion of the storyline. About 80-90% of the endings I've ever seen have been highly unsatisfactory. Since Fallout 2 and Planescape were among the good ones, things are looking alright so far. Character interaction ... until I see for myself how it's handled, I'm just hoping for the best.
  11. Hrm ... what a convoluted yet meaningless argument you propose. Every game is an amalgamation of a variety of factors. As you adroitly pointed out, games have been shuffling towards a cross-genre feel. So what? KOTOR2 is meant to be it's own game -- it's not Deus Ex, Halo, MGS, or GTA. It's our natural tendency to compare games like Half-Life 2 to Vampire Bloodlines -- jeez they use the same Source engine. Being the first two games to utilize the Source engine, people were expecting a bit more out of Vampire Bloodlines graphically (maybe not to the same extent as Half Life 2, but th
  12. The Sith are chasing you across the galaxy because you think they think you are thinking that they think you are the last jedi. Or maybe you are only thinking that they are thinking that ... "
  13. Personally, it's a sorta moot point. I'll get it for PC, but that's because I'm personally busy over the next two months doing stuff anyhow, so in no rush to buy it asap. Besides, there are way too many games out or about to come out in Q4, Q1 for me to run through anyhow. Ghost Recon 2, GTA, Halo 2, Half Life 2, Doom 3, Prince of Persia, Jade Empire, Metal Gear Solid 3, the new Splinter Cell ... The PC vs XBox question comes down to this: What do you use your PC for? I mean, if you're chucking out 2000 bucks to run stuff at high res graphics, high fps, and so on ... then that's a
  14. My math is awful so do you own ... but the minigames might add this amount of "filler time": I'm not sure the average time it takes to play a pazaak game. If the time it takes you to place a card and click + wait for your opponent to place a card (and listen to the bwang sound until your head explodes) is about 4 seconds ... and it takes at least 2 cards down on your side to win ... and you go first ... and assuming there is a 2 second delay between each round ... and you play a minimum of 3 games to win ... and lets say you blitz through all dialogue in around 15 seconds .... Add the
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