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  1. it that case.... KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMEEEEEEEEEEEE..... meanwhile continues browsing and reading these forums.. drooling....
  2. https://twitter.com/adam_brennecke/status/501428909989437440 VERDOMMENOGANTOE I understand that... Tut tut tut.. ;-) Patience my friends.. It will come and when it does, it shall bring gold, beetles and death!
  3. Wife, girlfriend, parents, big impact on your life event? etc etc Lost pet... A quote from your favorite writer, moviestar, game? I can go on and on EDIT: just saw the other thread.. I suppose you get enough info from there
  4. Take care that the rest of your party doesn't get too... Drowsy. 6_u Yeah. Wouldn't want a bunch of slowpokes following you around That might seem a little far-fetched don't you think?
  5. Like i stated in the Guess the release date topic: Early beta, till september/oktober Open beta?? till early november That's with a release in december in mind...
  6. Looks to me December is probably the best guess to be made.... That's 4 months from now. Then the beta would need to be ended in early november. Which means that "normal" beta access (if there is any) with Mac support will be around september/oktober... /sigh... 2 months.... Thinking about taking back my laptop from work... I wanna play me some PoE!
  7. I also added this pledge... Henceforth i would like to be named as: Her Royal Grace of the Obsidian Order
  8. No early mac..... me feeling like a sad hyppo..... there goes my 7 days countdown.... AARGH
  9. Guys, in the end it's all about the gameplay. That's the only focus in IE games IMO. If that ain't right, then the game won't last. 10 days, that's when we will know........
  10. Me wanna my beta!

  11. Do not remind me of when I turn 32. I turn 38 a few days later. Don't knock your early-thirties. I'm going to die one day. That's pretty friggin' important. /pats on the back there there... soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of furr...
  12. I also don't have the time to always read up on previous posts... So in case it's allready been mentioned, my apologies. In regard to the not giving any kill experience, i don't see it making any big changes. Instead it might encourage more people to think more before they just run in and blow everything to smithereens. Sure people will still do it, they get rewarded with maybe some loot. But other ones who will try a different approach won't be denied the experience loss, that usually is the big issue. And now they removed the issue. So it's all a fair battlefield now.
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