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  1. Can anyone confirm if the Ghost Heart Rangers' pet AI has been fixed (so that they're not passive when summoned)? If it is mentioned in the latest patch I couldn't see it and google failed me. Thanks in advance.
  2. I don't know why that would be, but maybe try target: has inspiration - constitution (not)? I didn't understand either why it wouldn't work. And yup, it is the highest in the priority list. I tested around a bit, I believe it is not a condition issue but a target issue, because when I set it to ally or self instead of ally, Xoti casts it on herself. I'll test more and post the result. Create one box per spell always true>self>priority none, and set timer on the duration of your spell after int modifier. Put them all at the top of the list. This way your
  3. Have you found a console command that works on the ocean map view? I tried setzoomrange and it didn't seem to work.
  4. Anybody else bugged that when trying to build AI profiles the conditions are all over the place? Self Has:... followed by Target Has:... followed by Self Allies:... etc, etc. I love the AI possibilities but I find this aspect constantly annoying as I keep having to scroll up and down to find options I know are there *somewhere*. Maybe if enough of us find this annoying and voice it, we might see it changed in a future update... Thoughts?
  5. I totally feel the same way. Seemed like a lot of build up to just click a couple of chat options. Seems like things were heading towards a three-way race to Ukaizo, with rival gods plotting to destroy Eothas, but then on reaching Ukaizo, there were two or three largely empty maps, then a couple of chat options and straight into epilogue briefing. Some kind of battle with the rejected factions and/or rival gods' agents preparing to trigger their world-ending-stop-Eothas-plot, would have been nice. But, that was my first play through on veteran difficulty. With 11 individual clas
  6. I’ve experimented with grapeshot and found it good for whittling down enemy crew so they’re not shooting back. Seems like a good tactic if their hull & guns outweighs yours. Generally I thoroughly enjoy the ship combat, for its novelty, but I don’t devote a lot of thought or analysis to it. It’s a mini game. If I wanted to focus on that I’d play a different game. I’ll happily buy DLC that expands this area, but I’m happy with it already too.
  7. I’m away from my comp atm so I can’t double check my inventory (or island name), but I’m sure I got a primal water on the island where you’re asked to take out the Druid’s attacking the port. Maybe someone else can confirm?
  8. Seeing the same thing. Considering how massive the player ranger pets are compared to Maia's I was looking forward to one I could summon. Hoping for a quick fix!
  9. So, I cleared a certain island full of fampyrs and came away with a suit of Blackened Plate Armor. It looks nice, but I can't make sense of its "Cycle of Decay" property ("all Damage heals for 25% instead of dealing damage with Decay / Poison / Disease attacks"). Does that mean it has no effect if the wearer isn't dealing decay/poison/disease attacks? If I am using powers that deal those damage types, does it reduce my damage output?
  10. Maia left my party after things with her faction didn't go well (I turned down an assassination request that led to them attacking me while Maia was in my team). Maia fought alongside me, then left soon after and goodbye notes started as Rai_Hikari reported. Hadn't realized her note came every time I set sail, but that feels right. I can also see Maia's ghostly image standing on the ocean, and it looks like I should be able to interact but clicking on her does nothing.
  11. I've seen information indicating that monks fighting with nothing in either hand benefit from Two Weapon Style bonuses. I've equipped a shield and seen the Weapon and Shield Style bonuses on my monk. Anybody know if/how One-Handed Style and Two-Handed Styles work for monks? Specifically, - Does empty main hand +shield gain any benefit from One-Handed Style? - Does Two-Handed Style give any benefit to my monk's kick attacks?
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