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  1. I haven't received my shipping notification and I live in Glendale CA. I mean I could have drove down there several times to pick it up. I'm starting to get very upset that my things have not shipped yet.
  2. I agree with this as well. I really wish you could select which person you want to scout, vs. it just making everyone scout.
  3. Steam. DRM is not required for developers to use on steam. Even when steam DRM is optionally used, it is not intrusive or limiting to me. The convenience of steam overshadows any negative from the extremely minimalist DRM.
  4. Is it assumed then that forum posters willing to fill out a poll exactly correspond to actual kickstarter locations? It's still amazing, but it also wouldn't shock me if people in Europe use forums more.
  5. You know I don't mind reviewers getting early copies. I mind the reviewers they chose. RPS, Polygon, and Kotaku are basically all the same people reporting on the same things in the exact same ways. They even have an email group to collude on articles. They aren't actual journalists, and they have a history of reporting very crappy and unreliable information. At best, if you give them a review copy, it looks like you are paying them for exposure. Maybe they chose other reviewers and they are just waiting? On topic, I can see people's point about wanting a copy at the same time as the
  6. Ahem. Most of your 'core customers' are actually in Europe, so we are looking at 4 - 5pm GMT / GMT +1. Completely factual and not made up on the spot in any way.
  7. I hope it sends a message that companies shouldn't abandon genres because of market fluctuations. Gamers never fully leave genres, and new ones join all the time. The trend is for all the game companies to rush towards the same pieces of the pie.
  8. I got Lrrr, ruler of the planet omicron persei 8. Unless they didn't put it in. I considered hypnotoad, but went for something a little more obscure.
  9. You changed your sleep schedule for a video game?
  10. I actually agree with this. I feel that the closer we get to launch, the spirit of the kickstarter is being lost. I has questions when E3 came around, but let it slide. Now that several media outlets are getting to play around with the actual game, I am getting miffed. No one should have played this game before backers.
  11. Is anyone else concerned that several media outlets are getting to play this before we do? I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but it seems like the spirit of the kickstarter is getting lost more and more as we get closer to release.
  12. If it is even a fraction as good as divinity, it won't be getting cheaper anytime soon.
  13. I don't know if it helps, but I own a ton of Paradox games and am a huge fan of theirs. They are a trustworthy studio/publisher. Having said that, they do need to make some money. However, I wouldn't put it past them to make less money to ensure their brand quality. They are good guys, and are alwas on their forums talking to fans. You need to register a game on the forums for anyone to take you seriously though, which is their form of anti-piracy. A little picture shows up if you have a registered copy of any game with them on your forum posts. I have spoke with the developers on a few
  14. I suspect with valve and unity things will start moving along nicely. Indirectly the market share of apple computers is rising. Apple also uses openGL and is apart of the openGL ARB. There is rising demand for gaming on the apple platform. Indirectly this helps Linux as well. I think most people want to get away from windows, but that nasty phrase "ease of use" keeps coming up. I know Linux people hate making it easy, or view it as already being easy enough, but it's not.
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