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  1. I wouldn't waste my time in a game forum where I didn't think the game was any good. What purpose is achieved? Am I going to convince people who are enjoying themselves that they're wrong? Am I going to make people agree with me by calling them names? Because when I read things like the Codex review, my takeaway impression is "what a collosal jerk", not whether, like a blind squirrel, he sometimes found a nut.
  2. What I like about the Witcher series is that it really catches the idea of being in a living world. The villages are places that you could imagine being actual villages, not a half dozen houses with questgivers in them. They're boorish and crude, of course, but that's just a style choice, and it doesn't bother me. I just had a devil of a time beating the starting sequence in Witcher 2 - although once I got the hang of the controls it got easier. But the "I can't complete the tutorial!" feeling was sure a new thing for me...
  3. Ideally this will be a sign for the developers to completely ignore a community of toxic people in the next round. They're certainly making a very clear impression here, and it's not a positive one. The people involved don't seem to understand the most basic elements of persuasion - how to convince people that your ideas are good ones, which doesn't involve childish claims 'of "butthurt", doesn't involve picking apart what others say to prove that you're right and they're wrong, but does involve some minimal human interaction skills. If I really wanted to slam PoE I wouldn't write attack pi
  4. Calling other people retarded and the like should really provoke moderator action. Personal name calling like that is BS.
  5. I'd add that these numbers are running around the highest of any current game - so, no, this isn't some quirk. And it includes both the pro reviews and user reviews - the latter are typically far lower if there is a substantial unhappy user base. (Compare Dragon Age Origins with Dragon Age 2, for example,.)
  6. Charisma in the classic games is a true dump stat. As long as one member of the party has it - and a couple of classes use it - everyone else can set it to three with absolutely zero consequences. Calling any stat in PoE a dump stat is an abuse of language and an indication of someone who doesn't understand what it means. It doesn't mean "I can carefully arrange my party members so that the fact that I made a character weak and vulnerable can be mitigated". It doesn't mean "gee, I didn't notice all of the saving throws that I missed, or the opponents that I made harder". It means that it
  7. Kiting is nothing more than abusing limited AI. In my view you might as well use console commands, and more to the point the designer hates it. So any engagement solution that might actually happen has to not feature kiting. Games where everyone has to stand up to melee attacks are games where all of the classes end up being almost the same.
  8. Actually, it says "the worst Obsidian game I’ve played to date" - who knows which ones he's played "Worse than Dungeon Siege 3" is a clue.
  9. The original review was a multi-page hatefest, declaring this the worst game that Obsidian ever made. The intent of &%*($)$ like that is to tear the game down, period. None of this "constructive criticism". If you hate absolutely everything about a game, you're not pointing out "valid issues", because if there is a point to saving a game, there should be something of value in it. And the original review recognizes no redeeming features at all. And, no, putting things in the worst possible light is *poison*. Instead of enjoying something on its own terms, the cool kids are telling
  10. And, of course, the one sentence opinions of internet posters are sufficient to decide matters. Don't the put-down crowd have other hobbies?
  11. You can do something fun and creative within a lot of different structures. I'm not a big fan of action gaming, for instance, but I really liked the Bioshock series - and even though I'm no longer young, with quicker reflexes, the Witcher series worked for me.
  12. *sigh* I don't like --> mediocre. You of all people... Let's say it has RTwP combat designed below average level on all accounts and call it a day without jumping to conclusions about overall quality of the game? I don't want to sound ungrateful for all your really hard work and passion you poured into the beta, but you decided you don't like the game long before it was done. Why do we need to convince people that they actually like POE when they have said (and explained) that they don't? It's just one game and people are going to dislike it, life goes on. Enough about P
  13. I'm not having issues either. There are always some people who have problems. Games where bugs are a huge issue have forums a lot angrier than this one.
  14. And I still find myself shaking my head - here is a game that is doing better in public reception (and, I'd bet sales) than they had any right to expect - and we're talking about this game as if it is some complete failure. It's Alice in Wonderland. As a direct counterexample, Might & Magic X, Wasteland 2, and Shadowrun Returns got genuinely mixed feedback on release - which is the sort of case where developers really do usually step back and reconsider things. Berlin, for instance, is considerably more substantial than the first SR game was - answering the strongest critique. I th
  15. You seem to be as butthurt as TheisEjsing. And no, Sensuki didn't think he earned the right to design the game. Sensuki came up with suggestions to improve the game, a lot of backers agreed with his suggestions. Some didn't. Obsidian ignored a lot of those suggestions and we have a game that could have been better than what it is. eg. Suggestions like cyan for neutral NPCs which is now part of the IE mod. Fact. Can we get back to the actual topic. I feel sad that someone who contributed a lot here is acting out in such a remarkably self-destructive way. I read his ideas, and ba
  16. If your goal is to persuade, you don't do that by pissing people off. And the Codex does that in spades. Why would a developer bother to listen to a group that heaps personal abuse on him? One that ignores anything good and exaggerates anything bad? And if they also provide clear evidence that they don't know what they're talking about (e.g. demonstrating that they don't understand the systems, because they were only playing the game to find attack points, not to enjoy it) then it's even easier to ignore them. Real-life lessons apply here. If you want someone to listen, praise what's
  17. So he makes a thread, so he can watch people be insulted by an insulting hatchet job. Such respect that man deserves. He didn't get the "I saved PoE from itself" reclaim, but he is making damn sure, to get the "I benevolently tried everything, but it was impossible to help OE" reclaim on the codex now. His behavior since launch has not given a favorable impression. And, yes, I was watching the boards during beta, and he really went out of his way to do true beta testing. Unfortunately, like a lot of other people who get wrapped up in something, he then apparently thought that he
  18. There are some interesting points there. In particular, I think that they hit upon something in terms of design - the early and midgame is usually the most compelling section of the lot, and to be honest that was true for me in PoE too. (And in others - as far as I'm concerned, the high point of BG2 was definitely the lovely city that you hit immediately after escaping from Irenicus.) It's a bit of a shame that Twin Oaks wasn't more developed - there are some truly clever ideas there. (I'm referring mostly to the side quests, that basically fell off drastically after Act II - the main ques
  19. I certainly will. The only BG characters that made any real impression on me were Minsc, Yoshimo, and to some extent Jaheira (in BG2). That was because Minsc was a cute running joke. The others: I'd mostly have to look up their names. Just because something doesn't appeal to you, it doesn't follow that it doesn't appeal to me. I genuinely liked Eoder by the end of the story, for example; Durance and Grieving Mother were really interesting; Aloth was funny (and the dialogs between him and the other party members after his split personality was revealed were priceless). Kana and Sagani
  20. Or maybe some of us have 100% fire resistance to your silly straw man? Again, you made factual errors in your review. Show me one of those from the Codex review. Otherwise, you're not making a point, you're just lurching out in a butt hurt rage. So not liking Imoens voice is a factual error? Saying that you can get big game advantages by rerolling random numbers over and over and over is a factual error? The opinion that the class system is complex and opaque is a factual error? The opinion about the story line? Not liking the inventory management? Not liking the early story? T
  21. It's pretty funny that the same people who come in and sneer at us for daring to like a new game...get all defensive when you point out any problem at all with the decades-old games that they like. If I was them, I might ponder the Golden Rule.
  22. Since we're discussing RPGCodex attack pieces, here's a "review"(excuse me, attack piece) on Baldurs Gate 1 in the style of the original review. -------------------------------------------------------- Baldurs Gate 1 is an epic disaster of a game. The problems start with the wretched character creation system. You roll random dice over and over and over to get the best start. This is pathetic game design - and it is absolutely crucial for your game. The class system is byzantine and cumbersome, with all sort of hidden rules about which class can do what. There are linked sets of importa
  23. Why should I bother to argue with a misinformed hatchet job of an article? One where the reviewer either doesn't understand some systems (e.g. how the stats work), misstates facts (the absence of unique items is wrong), doesn't understand the class system, dismisses the writing with a couple of unexplained sentence. I could go on, but basically it's a worthless article for a different reason. I get really, really tired of having people dress up hit jobs as reviews. This guy hated the game during development. The only reason he played the game was to extract things that he could pick a
  24. Yes, the basic complaints are that they didn't just xerox the IE games. You know - the parts that each particular person especially liked; not the ones that they didn't. Oh, and clearly having a Kickstarter means that the developers are obligated to satisfy every backers vision of what game design should be. Because, of course, the people involved in making this game, being rookies, need wise guidance from internet message board warriors. Have I got it all?
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