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  1. I had Jolee sensors (those little things that go on your temples) and an Onasi blaster so I wouldn't be surprised if there was a few really rare items out there.
  2. I didn't find the creation of the saber very satisfying to be honest. I was hoping for more unique sabers as well, Nadds saber was a nice touch but it's useless compared to any other saber with decent crystals.
  3. Nice find. I'll have to check it out when I reach that spot again.
  4. That's weird. I just finished my first playthrough today and I had two silver crystals. I guess it's all random. I got my first from the scavenger lady on Dantooine, I just looked at her inventory and if it didn't look that good I would reload and she would have new inventory. I was hoping for some nice new robes but nothing caught my fancy until I saw the silver crystal.
  5. On Nar Shadaa I found a way to get unlimited influence with Atton. There is a speeder/transport thing in that gang base, I did the computer thing and gain about 300xp, and then for the repair option I say something like "I'll let the expert handle this" and Atton says he likes how that sounds. I can keep doing these over and over so I got all the influence on Atton I needed and I gained 2 levels before I got way too bored.
  6. Damn it. I live in Edmonton and no stores around me have it yet. I work the nightshift, and I went to sleep right when I got home, only got 5 hours of sleep so I could have time to play it before I go to work again. NOBODY HAS IT HERE. Why the hell would they say DECEMBER 6 if it just ships on that day? Every other game I want is in stores on the release date, not several days after. Anyway, hopefully somebody is from Edmonton and can tell me of any nortside stores that have it.
  7. I don't get any days off until Tuesday. I get Tuesday and Wednesday off so I'll be buying it either Monday night or Tuesday morning and probably playing for almost my whole break, it should be fun.
  8. Don't totally rule it out. It makes sense.
  9. I don't see how using the KOTOR engine is a problem. I liked KOTOR a lot, so it just doesn't seem bad to me. There were a couple ineteresting things in the review though. First is that they said it was 45 hours long, that's very promising. And second there was mention of a Jedi Master in the game that you are trying to locate to either learn from or destroy. I just hope we have the option of learning whatever it is we can learn from this master and then proceed to destroy them.
  10. No no, I meant to say that I've heard walmart has prematurely put games on the shelves in the past. I haven't heard anything about KOTOR2. I was there yesterday to buy a memory card for a digital camera (saved about $20 :D) and they didn't have it.
  11. Well my brother looked for a leaked version yesterday and found nothing. I've heard some walmarts have put games on the shelves prematurely, I think I should check around and see if anyone has screwed up. There's a walmart, superstore, eb games, and futureshop (canadian equivelant of bestbuy) all within sight of my home.
  12. That's interesting. I'm sure I saw something about lightside force pockets as well but I'm not about to spend hours looking for a reference when it will all be revealed in a couple days. Hopefully there's some nice lightside powers, the darkside is just so much more interesting and fun for me.
  13. I think there's force clouds for each alignment. So far all I know they only effect alignment, I haven't heard any specific mention of powers from the clouds and I don't know if it grants any experience.
  14. I think you can do just fine without a lightsaber if you're a consular type character. There's supposed to be force forms, so you can have more damaging force powers or something. I'll go as a warrior first time through and as a Sith Lord the second.
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