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  1. For the legendary card rewards they are just added to the card pool, so are now available to find in game. As far as I can see there is also no way to view them in your collection because they don't have an adventure deck number... which also means I have no idea what the minimum adventure is for them to be in the card pool...
  2. Someone can correct me but I believe the 5000 gold reward is for completing the adventure on legendary. Your PFID is found at the bottom of the settings screen (options --> settings from the main screen or gears in the bottom left --> settings on most other screens).
  3. I don't know if it's been brought up (I did try to search but couldn't find anything). Is there a reason that burying allies after discard in the farm location doesn't count for the daily challenge of burying x cards?
  4. A very minor bug but a quick one that is easy to reproduce. In the Steam version you cannot access the games settings menu if you do not have an adventure selected (which happens once you've completed the adventure path). It's easy to work around by selecting an adventure but it is a little annoying. This affects both the Rise of the Runelords adventure path and Rise of the Goblins adventure. edit: It seems the first time you click game settings button on Rise of the Goblins it works fine but closing it and clicking again and the game settings button stops working (selecting the adventure makes it function normally).
  5. I want to chime in as well. Like Ethics Gradient explained in your other post, this game is a VERY faithful representation of the card game. There are some differences that are sometimes infuriating (like not having the option to outright banish the boon instead of forced roll - I am looking at you, Burglar, Giant Weasel and especially, the Vault of Greed location), but otherwise are purely cosmetical. Holy candle (banish instead of bury), Stride instead of Levitation and some others are such examples. In NO way is the Pathfinder card game a collectible card game like Magic the Gathering (or Tragic the Garnering for Fallout 2 fans). Instead, the cards are always "in the box" and you have the chance of encountering them, nothing more and nothing less. Please read the rules for the card game or watch the tutorial videos. Banishing a card is usually a very bad thing, but it works exactly as intended, returning the card to the pool / box / Collection. So while I grumble that I have to do it, I plan for the possibility. But it is still in the Collection - and you can encounter it again, later. It would be much worse if you lost the card completely (from the Collection), but that is not happening unless a bug causes that. With regards to banishing boons instead of rolling, in the rule book (quoted from Mummy's Mask rule book): "If it is a boon, you may try to acquire it for your deck; if you choose not to acquire it, it counts as failing to acquire it." So while you can choose to fail the check you'd still face the penalty from Burglar/Giant Weasel. I remember a few cards in Skull and Shackles / Wrath of the Righteous that were banes calling themselves boons...
  6. @MrBishop, I may not be able to divulge my sources either, but I knew something was up when I got passed this image of Valeros with a Banana Longbow +1. I'm even more convinced - shame I can only vote once for Valeros...
  7. After finally slogging through AD6 with some horrific glitches on Into the Eye. My personal favourite was setting up Kyra to do the second battle on the final fight with Karzoug with discarding her weapon and throwing a load of blessings on it, went to play Swipe with Seoni and it wiped all my dice out, needless to say Kyra did not win the fight with her strength alone. The fourth or fifth time round my party finally beat Karzoug (there was much celebrating). Having completed the path I deleted the party and went to add my maxed characters to another party for some 6 player gold grinding. I then made the horrible discovery that Merisiel and Kyra were gone! Long story short, can someone from Obsidian retrieve my lost Merisiel and Kyra? Thanks in advance edit: My PFID is: D31679A076922E6B
  8. Are you actually saying all goblins look the same... that's a little bit racist
  9. Anyone who was around for AD4 will share this sentiment... For amusement value I have achieved Poogception, my Poog has a Poog Ally
  10. This happened to me as well... I thought it was a glitch that would fix itself until I received another card feat for completing the adventure. So not my Poog and Lem are a card up...
  11. They are the character alts and they are included in the obsidian edition. One is for the base set characters and the other is for the character deck characters (I can't remember which is which).
  12. This has lead to the strange situation where I have the cards in my stash but they don't show up in my collection...
  13. another account missing Pallegina and Edér - I already had a Goblin Golem, I now have 2. I don't know about the dice... I seem to have them, 12 of Edge of Sunset and Edge of Midnight and 13 of Edge of Sunrise (can I trade down to 6 of each and get 6 Obsidian and 6 Haunted . My PFID is D31679A076922E6B.
  14. If you bought the game on Steam you already have all the adventures unlocked, you can't play them until you finish earlier adventures though. My advice is to make a team of 4 characters and jump in (or a team of 2 for super easy playing and quickly unlocking new things). Pretty much any party of 4 can complete the game, but a good mixture with a divine caster (Lini / Seelah / Kyra) or Lem for healing is going to make your life easier. In my opinion Seelah and Lem are two of the best characters to play for an easy game.
  15. Where do you go in steam to enter the link code? You need to have bought it on Steam first, open the game and go to options on the main page and then Settings, near the bottom of the settings page is the "Link Device" option, I will put together a quick guide with pictures after work if no one else has. The menus are near identical in the Android version (minus the resolution / full screen options). I think I've got it. You are opening PA both times. Once in Steam, and the other in Mobile. Generate the link code in one and enter it in the other. Does it matter which side you generate the code in? The advice given is to generate the code on your original version then enter the link on the new one, in my case I generated the code on my android tablet and entered in the Steam version because I really did not want to type out any length of text on an onscreen keyboard (and I've been playing the android version for over a year now).
  16. Where do you go in steam to enter the link code? You need to have bought it on Steam first, open the game and go to options on the main page and then Settings, near the bottom of the settings page is the "Link Device" option, I will put together a quick guide with pictures after work if no one else has. The menus are near identical in the Android version (minus the resolution / full screen options).
  17. To link the two versions you need to use the "Link Device" under options / settings. Generate a code on one version and enter your PFID and link code on another version. I've happily linked my android version to the steam version now. At the moment link to asmodee.net just seems to reset your account.
  18. I too would like to know the details of what us Pathfinder Ambassadors will be getting, I will be buying the game again on Steam and almost certainly the Obsidian edition. I bought the Rise of the Runelords Pack (and a few other packs) for the mobile version already and have spent many hours playing the game for enjoyment, once I finished the main story I played a couple of characters to 40 in quest mode, I'll be sad to see it go but it has a lot of bugs. Given the time I've spent with the game and the app I'd like to show my support but I really cannot justify buying gold - it has always seemed alien to me to spend real money so I don't have to play a game.
  19. Will you be adding the organised play scenarios to the app (Season of the Runelords)? Loosely related to the above, will you be adding class decks to the app?
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