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  1. I think I did, it has the "OK" status. [upd] Oh. Looks like I really didn't.
  2. Giant linear hallway with 90% cutscenes and 10% cover-based combat. And QTEs. And all the characters are burly white dudes ©.
  3. As long as it doesn't suddenly and inexplicanly introduce a completely new major character out of nowhere and swap the game's central conflict for a different one in the last 10 minutes... Yes, I'm unoriginal. And bitter.
  4. Seeing as how anything made by Obsidian independently would be better than anything made by others today... do you even need to ask?
  5. ...damn. I've only found out about Kickstarter after WL2 has already been funded. Now I'll either just have it dangling in front of my face, or have to buy yet another copy for early access.
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