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  1. Yo, Obsidian, Sensuki deserves a recognitioN!
  2. Seriously, is Sensuki getting an in game statue or something for Beta Tester King supreme?
  3. Modifying the beta allows intelligent people to add value to the beta findings in a way that is not posible otherwise. If you don't find it useful don't use it.
  4. Great work Sensuki. Thank you. 16 slots definitely feels better to me. I think that this space below the char model could be reworked a bit. A couple of improvements that i think would be good: Add 8 slots for quest item space insted of the pop-up button (scrollable for moar space ofc) Add 8 slots for ground items (just like BG/IWD to drop items, and that would show gear that you are standing on top of) Also the stash icon could be resized and moved to another place dunno. Also rethinking where to put gold and supplies counter. Anyone agree? Edit: Stupid me i can't proper
  5. It so funny how Josh cant even spell FEATURE LOL Here you go JS, FIXED THAT FOR YOU
  6. Anybody thought of a scenario where Concentration and Interrupt depend on multiple attributes kind of like Fort/Reflex/Will do, but with 3 attributes each? For example: Mig +dmg/heal Con +sta/health Dex +speed Per +acc Int +AoE, duration Res +deflection Concentration = (Con + Int + Res) * multiplier Interrupt = (Might + Dex + Per) * multiplier It's pretty much sensuki/mat's suggestion with this weird Con/int, but why not? Going through Matts principles two posts above this one i think everything checks except for Resolution maybe being too weak (since deflec
  7. Great vid Sensuki! Music was ok i think, maybe a bit louder wouldn't hurt, but it's fine as it is. I didn't find the vid boring, actually quite the opposite. Also your tone didn't sound frustrated at all to me. I LOLed really hard with your Long sword comment. Great work again. Also a quick comment on weapon (or any item) swapping between chars. You can use 1,2,3,4,5,6 to switch from char to char without loosing the clicked item focus. So you could do: 1) select item 2) hit 1,2,3,4,5,6 to switch 3) place item
  8. Hi, im not sure where to post this so please delete/move if not here. I backed poe on KS but somehow i don't have the ks badge. Any hints on what i should do to get it?
  9. Stealing this from SA forums (Inspector Gesicht is OP), maybe it helps @Monte Carlo and some others to get a better understanding of current game mechanics: PoE Statistical Mechanics Effect of Attributes per point Might: +2% Damage and Healing Constitution: +2% Stamina and Health Dexterity: +1 Accuracy Perception: +3% Interrupt Intellect: +5% Ability Duration and Area of Effect Resolve: +3% Concentration Derived Attributes (Not properly calculated in current BETA version) Stamina and Health: Based on Class, Multipled by Constitution Accuracy: Based on Class, Increased by Dexterity Defle
  10. PoE's system appears to be more difficult than it really is due to: People being used to d&d 6 stat way of doing things This is a BETA and things are likely to change from day to day, remember this is work in progress This is a NEW 6 stat concept (all being useful) different from what we are used to I don't think PoE's system is harder than any d&d. Once you get it everything is transparent and elegant. d&d had all the problems that people are complaining about all the same, some examples: i spent 5 years playing BG1 and BG2 without knowing what THACO was. i just figured
  11. Maybe the sketches could be outsourced? I think different drawing styles would benefit the game in this department if the sketches will comply with a high degree of quality needed for this game How cool would it be if sketches were made by community artists that love the game? I can't properly draw a stick man even if my life depended on it, but i'm sure there must be some of us that are artsy enough. What if the community delivered PoE a set of 2D weapon drawings for them to copy-paste into the game? I'm sure it is a lot more complicated that what i'm thinking of and a couple of is
  12. Lets hope this can be added using modsss. Pretty much no incentive for exploring otherwise. it's like removing one (of the many) ways you can play a crpg.
  13. I think crafting / enchanting is a nice feature, but not required IMO. I'd rather that money was spent on other content such as 2D artwork for weapons.
  14. I'd rather have my char deal 9/12/8/11 damage than 10/10/10/10. + I like to see different numbers even tho for fights longer than a couple of rounds its probably the same due to average damage. IMO it adds more color to an otherwise too static approach.
  15. To be honest i don't actually care how this is solved if PoE can give us a system that achieves: no dump stats ---> every point matters! every attribute usable for every class ---> this allows for a plethora of builds that are nigh impossible to do in every other system Wether DEX gives us +% to interrupt, stamina, speed, whatever, i think i can accept anything if this 2 req are met. Using this 3 suggestions i think is the best way to achieve it, so im all for it I know achieving this revolution with 6 attributes that feel easy to understand, where you can clearly see the imp
  16. Woha, my 2 cents. Sensuki, Matt: You are seriously amazing. Thank you for taking the time. Thank you! You two deserve a NPC named after you or some kind of in-game tribute. Josh: Wow. Thank you too! I'm blown away by how open and positive you are to receive feedback from others. Really having the balls to go toe to toe with us and actually take into consideration the ideas presented is remarkable for an accomplished game dev such as you ; i'm really impressed and thankful since this can only mean that PoE will only get better As for the proposed changes made by OP, i wholehear
  17. I agree. I don't remember being awarded XP either. Moreso, i found out i had leveld up after 2 or 3 encounters where i was wondering wth were those white crosses on my characters portraits. If it gets posted into the combat log then it went unnoticed. I already posted a topic on how combat log has so much stuff that nothing is noticeable. Maybe this is the case.
  18. I dont know if Headbombs comment was ironic or not lol. Anyways, i was lost at first regarding pending actions. But then i saw the small icons and it clicked. I think it is nicely implemented, maybe make them a little bit bigger or flashier so they are easier to notice? As soon as i got used to checking them combat felt much better to me.
  19. Minor suggestion: When viewing an item detailed description, the ENCHANT button placement is tricky. A small window opens and you have a big button below, i'd expect that button to close the window instead of opening the enchant screen :s Maybe it's just me, but i find that confusing. So you could add another button to close the window, or rather re-think that button placement.
  20. Does anybody else feel like the combat log isn't adding much feedback to the fight? It has way too much text for me to know at a glance what is going on. I remember on IE games i'd look at it and it would always have clearly displayed only the necessary information. I like the approach PoE took, adding more info when mousing over the entry on the log. But i feel that the log is way too clamped and goes too fast to be a significant source for feedback during fights. What do you guys think?
  21. Some suggestions based on the 3 hours i got to play. 1) Stealth - Actually it has a different name, can't remember it. But anyway, i could not figure out how it works. Also im not sure if ambush/backstab is possible for rogues? Maybe i'm missing something or maybe it's not clear or intuitive enough. 2) Skill points - 1/3? 12/15? This confused me. every 3 points you get 1 upgrade to the skill. But what are the 1/3 etc for? 3) Combat - After many fights i realized that combat pace is OK. The problem for me is the speed at which everything moves. It almost always ends up in melee comb
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