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  1. In a way I wish I could get rid of d10s in my games. Just the inconsistency they create by being the only standard die that isn't a platonic solid slightly irks me. But the utility of being able to be use them for percent rolls means they're not easy to dispense with.
  2. That plus stacking would be great imo, I don't see why anything further would be necessary.
  3. I don't know. I mean both Edér and Aloth were voiced by Matthew Mercer. Isn't he even more expensive now that he rose to fame as McCree and speaks at all those conventions? Is there enough money for all that? But if it is full V.O. I'm guessing this will either be part of a big release date announcement trailer or a separate PR story after the release date announcement ramping up to launch. I absolutely loved DOS2 for a complete voice acting. I'm not a fan of recasting, but I do wonder how much more voicing would be possible if he were swapped out for someone more affordable.
  4. Would we please be able to get the space pig plush added to the addons section? I remember it being brought up a couple of times during the fig campaign, but never saw any response on the topic.
  5. I don't know, seems like a weak excuse. You can leave the republics, she could have actually been born a man, she could have been born a man to dirt farmers in Aedyr. That is no less "the gods fault" than her being an avian godlike. Don't need feathers for hair to be reviled by society, or treated like a freak. In all honesty, in eternity 1, no one really treated her "badly" other than durance, and he didn't exactly restrict that to her. Eh Hiravias wasn't great to her either, all that speculation about her genitals and whether she had a cloaca was pretty creepy.
  6. All this talk of partial voice acting is reminding me of Neverwinter Nights. It always stuck out to me how Aribeth was basically the only character with her conversations fully recorded, whenever I went back to talk with her it was mildly disconcerting since every other conversation was (at least in majority) purely in my head and on the screen. Then there's this zealous paladin cutting through the background noise as she loudly proclaims whatever she has to say.
  7. Just replace all the spear-wielding xaurips with unarmed monks, that'll solve the problem! Seriously though, stacking seems like it'd fix the tedium involved in inventory management.
  8. That is a *very* angry looking angler fish. I wonder what the player did to upset it?
  9. At some point we just have to accept that there's a damage stat. You could head-canon it as greater strength meaning you can control the kick-back better and hit more accurately for greater damage. (There'd still be limits, but it's still a game) You're right, I do think "Might" made somewhat more sense as a name for a stat that affected the power of attacks for which physical strength wouldn't be a factor, though. Either way, I guess there is a sentimental element to the idea of a strength stat, by virtue of its connection with the Infinity Engine games and D&D in general.
  10. I had one of those. The problem with using it was getting it to stop rolling; it's like a golf ball. In practice, it was just a faster to use two ten-sided die instead. I found that as well, a d100 is an interesting novelty, but not super practical in my experience. Mine ended up being a bit fragile, too. I had it split along its "equator" within the first couple of months of having it, it was a real letdown. Has anyone used dice rings? I found those quite interesting, good when you want something to fidget with as well. And I guess they don't really have as much restriction on wha
  11. I use both but I don't really buy games on Steam. The social aspect of the platform and the fact that they have a working Linux client (although the Gog Galaxy client does look *gorgeous* from what I've seen, looking forward to a Linux release) is great, and it does mean that I generally have Steam open more than Gog. I'm not really entirely on board with Valve's business model though, so the games that I do have on Steam are almost entirely from Humble Bundle or Kickstarter. The one game I remember buying on Steam itself is Ark back when it was in early access, since I had a few friends that
  12. Does it seem strange to anyone else for an attribute named "strength" to affect damage done by weapons like guns and crossbows that don't usually have a users strength as a factor? Great video, anyway. Those bloopers were amazing.
  13. My wallet *is* melting right now, no such luck with the laptop.
  14. I have spare Steam keys for: Bastion Brütal Legend Crayon Physics Deluxe Dungeon Defenders (with all DLC) Fez Her Story Limbo Offspring Fling Monaco: What's Yours is Mine Psychonauts Splice Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP
  15. I've just started the old D&D game Pool of Radiance, had some issues figuring out the decoder ring stuff initially but I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes. I've got a bit of a history of D&D CRPGs in my backlog that I'm planning on going through in order starting with the DOS era.
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