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  1. I'm sorry you guys are kidding right? the only things Atton has complained to me about so far are Jedi and also Droids for one reason or another now I dunno what hs problem is with droids but seriously Jedi or Sith either extreme tends to push my buttons weather it be indecisive Jedi or overbearing Sith..... as for droids must be a childhood thing.... bad experiences with the droid's zapper
  2. Well they got away with that one because it wasen't a "Flashback" it was a file stored in Atris's computer and T3 was clever enoug in this game *gasp* to actually steal the files so you could find the Jedi masters who exiled you
  3. you need to pay off the bat like creature near the Pazaak Arena to tell the Exchange that "you don't like them" or something along those lines I belivethat and you need to do a mission where you have to do one for the dock I belive......dammit I'll go through it again soon and see what I did
  4. Actually I belive it was Nadd who was taught be Sadow and in the end Nadd riped apart Sadow's spirit but maybe you should ask someone who actually know's the E.U. Material
  5. depends i guess if you play DS maybe that occurs but more likely they just didn't code it in so Atris looks the same as ever or maybe I'm just rambleing early in the morning one of the two
  6. ok to one of your problems go to the "Journal" and press Y till' you see your mission logs again that freaked me out as well secondly sometimes you have to talk to peole in the game B4 the event will happen in your case have you talked to any of the handmaidens for directions? * stupid question* I know but sometimes it works
  7. Sounds painful hmm may I sugges Vikadin helps everyone well....... except those that get hooked on it or well Riddilin......yea " you can tell don't have a degree in medicine lol
  8. and if there was a mod this thread would be officially closed (w00t) ooo well haven't seen pne in the longest time
  9. " didn't stop me from getting force lightning and life drain/feild latter in the game I didn't look like a corpse either so I liked
  10. Gaaa miss a few days and 20 pages of posts pile up geez I've gotta log on more often <_< hey hey......Gandalf was a pimp in the LOTR don't be picking a fight with an old man (use a lightsaber lol) comeon people don't flame :D I tease b/c I love well kinda
  11. Chris your enjoying this aren't you " how far people take a little info wow......
  12. awww what are you trying to say??? I could only make out something about hk-47 and Bastilla ..... I think I'm not very good with ...I think it's russian characters maybe I'm wrong what so I know I'm an american lol
  13. ehh you didn't miss anything that wasen't repeated several times in the game but with less detail the "Jedi Cronicler" was it gave a historical context for the Jedi Revan and Malak... ehh too lazy to type it all basically it's background history to make the characters more belivable *yea that makes sense einstein"
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