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  1. Apple puts developer beta builds out there expressly for this purpose; whereas I don't expect PoE to work on a beta, it sure should once it goes GA. You shouldn't wait to test until it goes GA.
  2. O.K. This is good to know. Thanks. I wonder how this glaring issue made it into a release...
  3. Well, that's unfortunate. Inchoate, are you running a beta 10.11 too?
  4. No, this was not the issue. I didn't think it was, as the video is fine up until the game actually starts, after character creation. But I did test it. Both the system preference and the third party app.
  5. Sorry, I thought that was in the player.log. This is a mid-2012 MacBook Pro with Retina display, 2.6 GHz i7 CPU, 16 GB memory, and a GeForce 650M card with 1024MB memory.
  6. I'm using OS X 10.11 beta, with a new install of PoE 2.0. When I run the game, all is well, until the point where you actually start to play (after character creation). At that point the screen is just black, except the cursor. The cursor does change as it moves around the screen (as-if going over objects). All I can really do is exit the game. I've attached the player.log file and a screen shot. Has anyone else experienced this? Player.log.zip
  7. Given the time took and the money raised, there are a surprising number of bugs that have an impact on game play. There are bugs on the Mac platform that impact even after the game is exited. I understand the choices companies make in releasing software. I know that this one could have been better.
  8. When I exit the game, my hot-corners no longer work (I have them tied to Expose & Screensaver). I can go into system preferences, to the corners setup, to re-enable them.
  9. I have an external Apple 27" attached via Thunderbolt to my Retina MBP. Other than the known dual-dsiplay issue with the mouse, it works O.K. I can also run it on my MBP fine. My issue is in neither configuration can I change the full screen option; I click it off, save, go back in, and it's back to full-screen. So I'm not having the issue many others are, but, it needs work.
  10. It's unfortunate (if understandable) that otherwise salient reviews are trashed as being from a troll. Yes, many (most?) are poorly worded, and come off more as venting that a critique. But it is possible to think that many aspects of PoE were poorly conceived, and unfortunately implemented, without being someone only on the forum to stir up trouble. I'm only an hour or two into the game, so, haven't made up my mind. I have major misgivings, but, as I've already paid my money, I'm willing to suspend a conclusion until I've seen more. There are many progressive things about the game, and I love the art & music, but, that's not really a reason to purchase & play this genre of game. I'm not a big game player, as I simply can not find one I really like; the last one I played for any length of time was NWN, I understand people's frustration with this game, and when I read their posts, I ignore the emotion, and look for content. If there is none, I move on. But I've found I can't respond, as most respondents are from people just ripping on the original post for having been made. So no intelligent conversion. Not that it truly matters, as the game is out, and the authors aren't going to substantively change it. But perhaps others reading will gather useful information, go off and write another game, and maybe, just maybe, one day I'll find the game I'm looking for. Perhaps you all will too.
  11. O.K., on GOG you can redeem the Windows version, and safely download the Mac version. That's what I just did (even though GOG says it's not compatible, the Mac & Linux versions are there).
  12. I still do not see the Mac version when I try to redeem my code; I do see the Mac version when I go to the home page and click on PoE. *sigh*
  13. With Steam I understand you can; not sure on GOG.
  14. There are several things wrong with the original request. And no one seems to have noticed. 1) "I won't control my kids, so, you need to." A great many people use this one. If you won't control your kids, why would you expect it to be someone else's responsibility? You don't need a switch to turn off language you find offensive, you just need to keep your kids from it. It's called an 'account', and is protected with a password. That simple. Anything else is just an excuse. 2) "My kids can find a way to access a game I don't want them to, but, they are too stupid to find a switch in the game." Really? I don't even really know where to start with this one. You also probably don't realize they've already found your dirty magazines you keep in your bedside table. The talk about what violence/language can/may/do to kids is all well and good. But I'm more interested in that some people refuse to control their kids, then want to blame others, or simply put the responsibility into another hands.
  15. A good discussion, but, I'm really surprised by the simplistic interpretation a lot of non-Rouge players have of Rouges. I've yet to find a game that does this class justice; either electronic or PnP (although for different reasons usually). I like playing Rouges. The problem I have is that my party in PnP games (ala Pathfinder) have no patience for the character to go off and scouts, investigate, LAY TRAPS, etcetera. They just want to barge into the next area, kill everything, and move on. Slash & grab. And for computer games, it's hard to control various characters to do the same. You either control the whole party, which makes fine-grained control hard, or different people play the characters, and the same arguments as presented for the PnP apply. I like my character to be able to sneak in, see who & what is there, and go back out to formulate a plan of attack. Traps (ala Neverwinter Nights) can be very useful in an encounter. As to the people who say that a rouges skills are learnable by everyone, perhaps. But so then could any non-Devine skill. But your fully plated warrior is going to be constitutionally opposed to the amount of learning needed for that. Nor would they necessarily have the fine motor skills, and (perhaps) all hands needed for such delicate work. So does a Rouge need to be a separate class, or merely a group of skills anyone can learn? Well, if you are going to differentiate Monk, Fighter, Wizard/Sorcerer as classes, then clearly you should do so with Rouge too. Otherwise do away with all classes, and just go with race, Your character then could do what ever they choose to learn, and their equipment supports.
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