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  1. I agree with op. There should be animation for death or unsummoning.
  2. yeah i want to ask this too,i ordered royal edition,it contained Digital Strategy Guide Are they the same thing?
  3. The expansion?really? to be honest ,we dont KNOW what this poes storyline really is.
  4. level 12 is too high,8 or 9 is enough.i always like bg1 that player has a very long road to grow into a good fighter,that kind of feeling.
  5. I dont think that "Wizard can do anything" or handled most situation in their own way is a real problem,Mages power come from 1.Multiple-buff ablitliy such as Chain Contingency (not SpellRevision mod version) 2.They can use items to reduce spell casting time (i usually use mod to delete them) 3,They have Improved Alacrity. When a player got familiar with mages mechanics,they can combine 1 2 3 and other powerful spell in their own way.My point is that "can do anything" contains two meanings,1 powerful,2 useful/fun and of course more players brain work,i partly disagree with 1 but not 2. If giv
  6. Morrowinds main theme is one of my favorite,its ups and downs like a complicated plot that want to tell you many things even beyond a story,i also like NWN1s main theme,It can bring back so many memorys,hopefully poe can do the same.i like OPs music,but it feels like lack of something,i dont know,maybe i just need to hear it a few times.Thanks for your hard work,Mr.Bell.
  7. thanks for responding,i only can see that was a ambiguity that leading to misunderstanding, but i think i missed some fun here(due to the exact meaning of this word or the origins still no clue,perhaps).
  8. Only worried the storyline,if its bad,the game means nothing to me.Other things i believe devs/backers already did their best.
  9. I have the same problem,especially when those slang words appeared,for example what does "ye coxfither" means? i saw it in some games and i cant get it.
  10. wow you guys said a lot of words......sorry i need some time to read Meanwhile i want write a few thoughts here.Rogue need more unique staff,such as:(just for example) *Focus on shadows- ONLY thiefs stealth will not automatically deactivate when combat started.(unless they expose themself in enemys sight) *Study traps- when a rogue encounter a trap that they cant disarm,their mechanics skill will have a chance(depending on some attribute) to automatically temporary +1,and they can try it again.In other words,ONLY them have more chances/times to challenge a high level trap.Lock is
  11. In old ie games: (not very big fan but like it) Wizard- Symbol of knowledge,ONLY THEM can access ALL arcane spells (not bard not sorcerer not other mod class).Every level up increase their spell-casting level and adaptation to more complex situation which is a big deal. Rogue- Master of shadows,they know staff that OTHER CLASSES DONT,they know how to survive,and more importantly they can hide themself when others cant. These features not just make them unique,also make them unforgettable/role-playing fun. Forgive my poor english,i just played this game in my friends home and i admit
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