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  1. Same issue. Gave my box copy to a friend and he can't patch it. Very misleading on the kickstarter that we only get one CD key.
  2. Fog of war in cities and strongholds is very tedious. It should be removed.
  3. WAY to dark. This is a big minus for me when playing the game. How could something like this get past testing. You can barely see.
  4. I spent ages downloading it from GOG and once I mounted the disk image and copied it to my applications folder I get this warning when I try to run it. I've attached a screenshot below.
  5. 6.5GB, ouch thats going to take me a good 4-6 hours to download.
  6. I redeemed the Gog version but it says its not compatible with Mac? What gives?
  7. New to the forum so hi! I can't wait to play this game in two week. I've beaten Baldurs Gate half a hundred times and I'm a huge fan of RPGs. I've tried to avoid most info about the game so its all a surprise.
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