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  1. @adragojlovic Just did the quest with 1.1 patch - don't see any new boons in character page. Can you elaborate what is expected to happen with Galawain boon?
  2. tried paladin (kow) / monk (helwalker) on pod 1.1 was tricky at first due to unexpected amount of enemies but overall still solid build with plenty of healing & good dp in party. Have not tried no party yet. For my sage - wiz / monk - I feel that I need to now actually use empower for longer fight or dies too fast for my like. But that is not fully prepared build yet.
  3. similar issue with respec - not being able to select passives on level 2. For paladin, as example, deep faith is can not be selected. Tooltip says that first level passive is missing. Works just fine on lvl 3.
  4. > Fortunetely I don't give a **** about patch and I still have normal old Fighter in my 1.1 game Heh. I've being trying beta and though I like new PoD difficulty, my latest Sage is no longer valuable. I feel like trying your build on it with Pal/Chanter since Pal still seems to be strong enough. Btw did you considered making a build for Sage or other monk multi? WDYT about this build https://fextralife.com/pillars-of-eternity-2-deadfire-builds-guide-sage/ ? would be nice to play something monk-ish with spells or weapons.
  5. Holy Slayer paladin (bleak walkers) / rogue - (no subclass) Role play as olgierd von everec / ukrainian cossack with dual sables & dual pistols . Really strong build with single target focus. Smoke Veil Riposte Dirty Fighting Deep Wounds Deathblows Flames of Devotion Focus Aura Virtuous Triumph Start a fight from steals.
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