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  1. i played through the game several times that's cool that your Nikko. He's a Pazaak player. I like him...a very friendly guy.
  2. It's a toss up between Violet and Sliver for me.
  3. well i bought TSL and found out my labtop doesn't met the video,ram and coulpe other min requirements. I guess I just take it back to the store.
  4. I've heard that the pc version has the planet Yavin in it is it true?
  5. I just got a labtop cpu a week ago. I've been thinking about buying KOTOR I,II again. I already have them on the Xbox w/o xbox live and was wondering what's the difference between the PC and Xbox version. And if it would be worth the $$$ to get the PC Versions. PS. If this is the wrong forum for this, sorry.
  6. I search the forum and couldn't find this answer so forgive me if it's been answered. Anyway, on Dantooine after I talk to the Administrator and ask her do the citizens really hate Jedi. You're given a Side Quest to Redeem the Jedi's reputation. Does anyone know how to complete the Quest?
  7. lucky...mine won't be in til tomorrow or at least that what my local Ebgames says everytime i call them. I'm dying from anticaption.
  8. my Scout-Jedi Consular was very effective. When I play KOTOR I use that class comb.
  9. I don't hate any of them but T3 wasn't very useful to me. Expect in his dialog with Hk especially on Korriban. I remember this line cracked me up. Hk:If we killed everyone would that be impressive,master. T3:beeep-boop. Hk:No i didn't mean us as well you monoric driod!
  10. I like rouge Jedi, so my favorite was Jolee and I found his stories very interesting. Canderous and HK-47 are below him on fav list.
  11. Now i've been playing KOTOR again and I won all Manaan Swoop races. After you win the pig Hutka Jax or something like that says he'll get even with you but not on Manaan. My question is does he come after you?
  12. I would have to say MSG/Darth Nihilis? since it looks like he's so much powerful than the others. Although I could see you fighting Revan if your character has the opposise alginment.
  13. So far sounds like a very interesting character but i can't really say if i like her or not not until a play KOTOR II. The rocket launcher is sure cool though.
  14. personally, i think they are rivials. If you choose DS Revan I think they forced him to flee to Korriban and each one is trying to steal his Throne. Now if you choose LS Revan they're trying to replace Malak's role.
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