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  1. Originally I only pledged 40$ on Kickstarter (20 the game, 20 expansion) But with the Backersite I upped to the 140$ level for the CE and TShirt.... I would have back then, but money was short. I spent a good portion of my youth playing games, so it was kind of a nostalgia thing for me, like with wasteland 2 and torment, or the leisure suit larry kickstarter.... Oh man I am getting old.... :-D
  2. 40$ from KS and 140 from Backersite/Paypal and no KS Badge - bug oder correct? thanks
  3. Bakced 40$ via Kickstarter and about 140 via PAypal with the Backersite - and no KS Badge
  4. Do we know when the interview about the new KS is going to happen?
  5. Looking forward to anohter one - if it ís a topic/genre I like, I may as well back it, so yeah, why not? I also backed Torment from inxile after backing wasteland2 so I see no issues here.
  6. I used Chrome this morning (around 8am ECT) and upgraded my 40$ to a 140$ tier with 20$ addon with no issues beside that I miss my Kickstarter Pledge altough the 40$ were from KS originally
  7. Also don't forget, Wasteland 2 Beta is coming soon, so more time to play WL2 before PE
  8. I guess it will be end of 2014, but it is ok with me - more time to fnish unplayed games in my steam library :D
  9. I voted for yes, but only because I love this stuff :D and hope this kind of decision is only valid for the expansion and not the core game itself
  10. I just looked and I am wondering, why I do not have the Kickstarter Basge here in the forums? Have I overseen something? Or did I lost it after upgrading my original KS Tier?
  11. I just upgraded to a CE Box, I sure am a sucker for physical things.....Also I love the Idea to get something unique, which is not available to everyone...
  12. upgrading my tier worked flawlessly - I see no issues here.
  13. Thank you for this Update - I finally can upgrade my Tier from 20$ to 160 (140 + Expansion) Loved also the teaser trailer, looking forward to the release of the game
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