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  1. Any plans for touch controls for the PC version? I like to play in tablet mode on my 2-in-1 laptop but I find myself unable to scroll down some lists like in the store, for example. Card collection navigation would be much easier as well.
  2. I might have to wait for the PC version since the game gets pretty laggy on my iPad 4.
  3. I can assure you it does, since I'm running the closed beta on my iPad 4. That's great! Hopefully it can handle a full 6-player campaign without too much lagging.
  4. Hopefully it will run well on the iPad 4. Its old, but I've had no reason to upgrade it.
  5. Whoa, the forum as come back to life! Thanks for all the info, devs! I already played through all three of the PACG campaigns while I was waiting but I will buy this app to support Obsidian.
  6. They're definitely going for the "less is more" strategy for this game's marketing. I'm optimistic we will see a lot of the game this month.
  7. Lets just say if they were to release a Romance DLC I would buy it.
  8. Why would anyone want to watch streams on release day? Don't spoil yourselves. Keep that first playthrough pure!
  9. The game wouldn't even exist without us, yet these people that probably don't even care about the game are getting early copies. Infuriating.
  10. Didn't expect any news from GDC but I hope we get some new screenshots/info at PAX this weekend! So excited!
  11. Thanks for the communication, Nathan. I'm hyped as heck for the game!
  12. I really hope the eventual CRPG will switch to turn-based combat. I never enjoyed the RTwP chaos of the Infinity Engine games, but at least the stories in the those games made up for it. Having the combat mirror the ruleset of the Core Rulebook 1:1 will get a lot of tabletop Pathfinder players interested in the game as well!
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