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  1. It keeps saying, "Waiting for Wifi.." I can understand that it is a large download that might need Wifi, but there needs to be another option to download it without the use of Wifi because my phone can handle it. One other thing, I noticed someone commented in the Google Store that we need to be kept signed in to play Pathfinder Adventures and that doesn't sound good. Isn't this game single-player for now? I live in a remote area with weak phone signal and I would be PISSED if I have to keep being signed in just to play the game and I don't want to stay in town just for that. If so, please
  2. I'm very interested in the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Online, but a little wary of the steep price that was imposed for the physical ones. I am hoping it would be cheaper to start with so I can play with my best buddy. I don't mind add-ons or subscriptions for expansions and whatever. Please let me know what the prices are. Thanks!
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