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  1. Aside from Ydwin completely disappearing from existence I haven't run into any other bugs.
  2. I've also run into this problem. She's just completely disappeared from the game. Here's a link with my save http://ufile.io/9sjsi
  3. I just downloaded Xaratas uncharged figurines mod on the nexus because I hated the nerf.
  4. Hopefully if Obsidian is looking at the results of this poll they give rangers, priests and, ciphers some love and don't take it as a sign they need to nerf monks, rogues, and wizards.
  5. I didn't care for any of the companions and it's a shame because I did like Eder and Aloth in the first game, they just didn't click for me in Deadfire and I feel Eder got a bit flanderized into just being a big goon who loves animals. Aside from Fassina I liked the sidekicks and hope they get expanded on in the future.
  6. I went through my portrait folder from the first Pillars and found this one I think would be a good for a druid if anyone wants to use it.
  7. Thanks! I think Lady Maria from Bloodborne makes for some nice looking human portraits since her tricorn hat matches the Deadfire style.
  8. If anyone would like to take a shot at making a water colour version of this I'd appreciate it. Thanks in advance.
  9. I'd like it if they carried over because it adds to the history of your character and it's a nice little bonus for transferring a save from the first game.
  10. It doesn't feel like a console game but it sure feels more like a sequel to Tyranny in the PoE setting than a sequel to PoE.
  11. You can pop open an extended dialogue window by clicking the little diamond icon at the top center of the dialogue window. I'm not sure whether this is better than simply being able to scroll from the main dialogue window. Well that solves my issue. I didn't even realize that diamond was there till you pointed it out.
  12. I made a trickster. I then made an illusionist/rogue which seems way more powerful since it's pretty much trickster without the sneak attack nerf and more spell selection.
  13. I'm not a fan of the transparent dialogue box and I feel the size is too small. I've got text size set to 130 but I'd still like it to be bigger. Not being able to go back and see previous dialogue anymore sucks. I've got a terrible memory and I need to go back and re-read stuff, especially for PoE with all it's fantasy words and languages.
  14. I am one of the people that didn't like health/endurance when PoE was released because I thought it was confusing but after actually putting time into the game I came to really like it. I think it's a better system than just health now.
  15. Single class feels very weak compared to multi-classing and removing universal talents seems like it's going to kill creativity in builds.
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