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  1. Everything worked great yesterday (04/05/2015). Today, when entering stealth mode or walking behind something in the fore ground, it turns my characters purple... The map is also super messed up. Please let me know if there is anything in settings I could try to toggle to get it back to normal. I have already tried loading a previous save and loading a new area, as well as changing resolution and windowed mode. In addition I can not upload anything here. It is saying upload failed for a 364 KB .jpg System Info
  2. I prefer my games in full screen mode and use two monitors. I have had no problems with full screen mode other than the mouse not being locked to the games borders. Meaning I can click on the second screen and minimize the game. It would be nice to have that as an option or not happen at all. Thanks for reading my suggestion!
  3. Better character equipment design. Reducing the amount of equipment slots I have does not make me very happy. Particularly with every new installation of Elder Scrolls games I have access to less and less. Developing my character and piecing together an impressive suit of armor is something that should be rewarding. Having my character carve out his fame with an iron chest piece, leather pants, fur boots, a right steel gauntlet and a hat is one of the most entertaining aspects of my character development. Also having the choice of being a "Battle Mage" with a robe and ebony accents like a single pauldron and gauntlets is something I want very much. I guess I could just say more choices in fashion please!
  4. So the idea behind pushing size and scope I like that. I feel that is what DA:O could have moved towards. Then my heart was ripped out because someone decided (and I took this quote from the link in the original post) " “We have other ideas too,” he enthuses. “Like Eternity has a big party size, but what happens if we render in close and have a smaller party? Make it more about the characters and less about the tactics? " That is the idea behind DA2 and Inquisition. PLEASE do not do that to these epic and long standing games.
  5. This update sold me on the development of the game. It's looking gorgeous! It may be my favourite purchase of the year! Obsidian please restore my faith in old school RPGs!
  6. I believe you have all that correct sir! More to the point I edited in bold, italics, underlined and increased in size... Please fogive a nub's first post.
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