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  1. I just did all the Defiance Bay quests (that don't involve leaving the city), on hard, and I used camping supplies a grand total of once. I honestly don't get everyones issue with spamming rests, why do people need to? Granted I was going to Inn's, but I never went to an area, left to go to an inn, and then went back, I just did the different quests/areas in one go, then went and rested. Honestly, it seems like some people are spamming every per rest skill they can as much as possible, maybe this is something tied into how other games have been (dragon age), maybe it's because they need to so they defeat enemies, I don't know. But if you need to spam per rest skills so much, maybe turn the difficulty down?
  2. If engagement wasn't in this game, then every character not built to tank, would die very very quickly. Anyone wanting engagement removed is being a tad bit silly.
  3. Exactly this, I think the last time I had this feeling was before GW2 launch. (And luckily this isn't an mmo, so I won't spend the rest of the day laughing at everyone else not being able to play, while I have uninterrupted fun on the servers!)
  5. It's probably in your retail copy. People with products on the backer portal here, are people that are backers (hence it being a backer portal).
  6. ...I've seen that name somewhere before... *hides food*
  7. Have to wait until the afternoon in the uk! Luckily I work nights, and have the night off, so I'm just waking up half an hour before release, woot!
  8. This is what we call 'Advancement', if we set our expectations based on how things use to be, then I guess I stop feeling sorry for myself when I get ill, because i don't have the plague?
  9. But some stuff in PoE, practically everything centred around backers, isn't just silly, it's flamboyantly breaking the 4th wall. And seriously, **** that ****, it ruins the integrity of the setting, breaks the suspension of disbelief, and comes across as incredibly jarring. Let the backers have their toys and let the ones that don't mind or doesn't care keep it, but the game and the experience should come first, which is why all of that should be optional. but the original Baldur's Gate did that themselves. "Oh, yes omnipresent authority figure?" and "stop touching me" as just too examples of many. Even after all these years those lines still make me laugh. If just depends how they are handled in game. Those lines are two of my favourites of any games. 4th wall breaking stuff can be good.
  10. Steam don't create the keys themselves, they get given keys by Paradox (I think).
  11. Only people playing before us are press reviewers. But pre-order people get to pre-load, which is a pretty important feature to some people. (Quite a lot really).
  12. My products page no longer has the backer beta on... THINGS CHANGING!
  13. Them first world problems where you even have the ability to complain about people complaining about complainers.
  14. So I guess if the games broken after the first half hour, no ones allowed to moan, because first world problems? First world problems is just a pretty pointless argument. We're in first world countries, as such, our problems are first world problems.
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