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  1. Maybe while Revan and Malak were begining to turn to the dark side. Your char became angry at Malak for some reason and you cut off his jaw. Since Revan had not fully turned dark, he/she was still was on his/her best friends side, so Revan banished you. Now that you had done so much wrong, the council thought it dangerous to keep you in the order.


    it wouldn't say that qualifies as a "far, far worse than simply following Revan" .. It sounds like the PC did something really really bad! so bad that the council saw no other option than to sever your connection with the force (to prevent you from falling to the dark side?)

  2. Do people from non-English speaking countries have the same annoying habbit that many English "teens" have with the stupid internet lingo? Nothing bothers me more than trying to decipher a post by someone who insists on using words like "dat" or "wut" or "dis" or any other internet shorthand instead of spelling it "that", "what" and "this".


    Ugh. Teenagers annoy me to no end. [/end rant]


    Well I'll have to ask them .. >_< but no, they don't!

    They do however rape their own language just the same! its the mobilephone era, it's all to save time and space .. and I find it just as annoying as you! be it English, Danish or any other language!


    the ironic thing is that contraction like "it's" "we'll" and so on was hated just as much when they appeared in the written language in their time.. so in a 100 years everyone will probably be writing like "dis"! :thumbsup:

  3. What I'm saying is that mastering a second language in a writing-oriented manner makes it more difficult to attain similar fluency in speech. I know people whose English "you wouldn't be able to tell", in writing, from the highest literary styles mastered by the best educated 'natives' --but, surprise surprise: When it comes to rapid thinking-speech, then all of a sudden you see a decrease in vocabulary, resorting to simpler sentence forms, etc. If your understanding of having a concern to develop an advanced command of grammar is that it is an excuse to not knowing enough slang, then you're probably talking in terms of daily 'practical' language; and about that, yes, you're right, practice does allow fluency.


    I really depends on the school system .. In Denmark (where I'm from), we start in 3rd grade (age 9) and people are generally much better at speaking english than writing it, (although they tend to have an really annoying accent!) because our system emphasizes the spoken word over the written.. at least thats my experiance! but yes, the emphasis will normally lie on the writing! Since its the general understanding that you can't speak a language properly without knowing the grammatical rules.


    But I don't think it's ironic that people, to whom english is a secondary language, will be fundamentally better at it! we study english in a much more serious manner because it's a necessity to our every-day lives (and we need to learn it fast).. the vast majority of international movies, books, games are in english even most of the internet is! and if you travel in those lanes alot, of course you will get a good rudimentary understanding of the language and improve it over time! if you are from England, Canada or The US you won't feel the same need to develop your skills, and won't focus on your grammar in the same manner as non-natives would, because you feel secure (and perhaps a little to much) in the fact that it's your native tounge! at least that's my theory .. and of course this is all generally speaking!

  4. Lol......but what do you guys think he might have done, is what i"m asking I guess...like any ideas, besides the obvious of going against the jedi high council and rushing to war....maybe he did some sinister war crime or was in charge of some big bad ass assault or something....that would be pretty cool....I've always kind of had this one theory that would tie you together with Sion.....


    ....during the mandeloreon war, revan was still light (somewhat) tho edging close to the darkside, so his jedi companions could have been light, and then killed if they didnt go to the darkside when revan did..so neway...during the wars your PC from this game is in the same group as Sion is, (whatever his jedi name was b4 Darth Sion)...and your PC is generally light, and sees Sion turning to the darkside and committing horrible war crimes...and then you confront him and he threatens u...and situations like this happen until u challenge his punk ass and are sick of him acting all evil, and u end up killing him....(secretly he doesnt die and barely holds himself together with the darkside...the war ends and u return and don't go off with revan......the Jedi council hear of u killing Sion and don't believe that he went evil or they believe but dont think u should have killed him-and they exile you from the Jedi because you murdered another Jedi...even tho u were light....and u go to the outer-rim shortly b4 Revan (newly proclaimed Sith Lord) invades the republic and wages a Jedi Vs. Sith War.....


    What do u think of that?


    Although I don't think thats is whats going the be the reason for your exile, its not a bad theory because you explain his fall and why he is "dead" in a very coherent way and tie it nicely to the exile of the PC! But I think they would've (the devs) mentioned, or made a little remark about it, if the PC knew Sion from before he went DS .. Not all Sith are fallen Jedis and I think these new Sith Lords will be of a more "pure" breed! this story seems to wanna steer away from any clear plot resemblence to KOTOR1 and since both Malak and Revan were fallen Jedi, I have a feeling these new Lords won't.. but again thats just my theory!

  5. there have been cases where someone brought a videorecorder into the editing room and filmed it while it was being cut .. so the version released on the net would be the "complete" movie without any scenes deleted .. can't remember exactly which one!

    but you will have a version on the net the same day it hits the movietheaters .. thats for sure!

  6. the thing is I think most people will accept camoes of people they've killed in a previous game .. because several have probably played through KOTOR on more than one occasion and both LS and DS .. So you would automatically refer to the game where this certain person survived because chances are that on one of your play throughs you allowed him/her to live! its not inconsistent to let Bastilla reappear for both DS and LS Revan even though you had the option to kill her! you will just remember the game where you didn't .. at least I will!

    And I'm in total agreement with Silversun if they are killed (as an important part of the story) in a fitting and honourable manner! then by all means kill them and lets remorse and honour their virtual existence! :)

  7. It takes a long time to learn how to use Photoshop yes .. in many cases people work on one version for years and still find new ways to do things .. I took 3 months of intensive training and I feel I have a good grasp of it! although some of the very advanced features I still need to fully learn how to use! (and by fully learn I mean a couple of months dedicated to each! :) )

    But the reward is worth it .. its an easy program ones you get used to it! and some of the pictures he made are very simple to produce from a technical standpoint.. but still takes a good amount of creativity!

  8. I will use waterballons to throw off my enemies!

    They will come to the conlusion, that since I have been able to beat 200 of their guards, with nothing but waterballons, that they will immediately surrender out of fear of what I might be able to do with the 200 blasters and lightsabers I've picked up along the way.. :huh: :D

  9. Isn't level 30 almost (or indeed) God-like?? I've read somewhere that Vader was "only" lvl 18 or something? and he seemed like a badass! :)

    and in case lvl 20 is extremly high in the SW univers, how can you justify a former jedi that reconnects with the force, gets more powerfull than Vader, and almost anyone else ever heard, over a fortnight or a couple of months!?

    So no .. I ceartinly don't hope that your character becomes the most powerful Jedi of his era! it seems a bit strange .. Even if you try to justify it with "its was the will of the force .. it was his destiny"

  10. The Sith are realist, they understand that emotions are part of people, and as such your goal should not be denying your emotions but mastering them to serve you.


    I share your thought on that .. but In my opinion both represents extremes that are to be avoided! without emotions you are a slave to others logic .. and without logic and wisdom you are a slave to your own desires! "Good" and "Evil" are concepts invented by others.. The freedom to be yourself cannot be fulfilled as a Jedi or as a Sith .. (you are a slave to others interpretation of moral and ethics)

    I think the underlying metaphor of the SW univers in the internal struggle between super-ego and subconcience..

    And that one can only reach full potential if you understand and overcome both of them ..


    this short summary those not fully explain the matter .. but I think you get the general idea! :)

  11. I rarely play FPS the closest I got was enter the matrix and I won't get Halo 2. On this forum I think it is unlikely that you will find people that like halo more than kotor


    Can't argue with that. thbup.gif


    FPS's merely provide cheap thrills, while RPG's allow for a deeper pleasure. :devil:


    No .. people here will definitly be loyal to KOTOR (and they should).. but FPS are not as dumb as many seems to thing! Halo had a great story with very nice underlying soundtrack to back it up its rich atmospehere of spookynes.. and the graphics was beyond godly TheHutt :rolleyes: ! (back when it was released)

    But KOTOR and Half-life are the best games I've ever played .. Half-life for its tremendous depth and KOTOR for the same reason + its setting (love the SW univers) .. Both give me excalty what I want from a game .. To feel drawn in and feel responsible for the actions of my character on a moral and intellectual level! So both a RPG and FPS can be great games! its the setting, the story and how well the game engulfs you and sucks you in that does it for me.. I want to play for 10 hours straight and when I look at my watch go "WTF I thought only 15 minutes had passed" :devil:

    and TSL seems to be able to deliver on a scale I didn't imagine when I first heard of it .. I am looking forward to that game more than any other I've ever wanted!

  12. A thanks to everyone on this site .. responsible moderators/devs etc and active forum members.. Nothing is better to talk/argue (and sometimes out right fight) :) about a game we all love and a new addition we will come to cherish even more hopefully! :wub:

    I think this is a great site and the info released by Akari and the others devs and moderators has made many discussion alot more interesting! And THANK YOU ALL for that .. The debates on this site wouldn't be the same without you! :)


    best wishes for the team behind the game!

  13. the only thing now from that timeline is from the comics of Exar Kun (and some on Ulic Qel-Droma and his selfimposed exile?) as far as I understand .. but writers always like to place their stories in a familiar setting (better sales) ;) so I wouldn't be suprised if someone made a book or comic about the time periode of the gap between, during and shortly before/after the games ..

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