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  1. Intro to TSL .. :o


    The Galaxy has changed .. I feel it in the force! much that once was is lost, for none now live who remember it (violins playing)

    It began with the forging of the great rings.

    Three was given to the Jedi masters; immortal, wises and fairest of all beings!

    Seven to the Jawas, great scavengers and craftsmen of the desert plains

    and nine, nine rings gifted to the Sith Lords who above all else .. Desire power!


    For within these rings was bound the strength and will to govern each race!


    But they were all of them deceived ... for another ring was made! On the planet of Korriban in the fires of mount Doom, The Dark Lord Sion forged in secret .. A MASTER ring to control all others! and into this ring he poured his cruelty, his malice and his will to dominate all life .. One ring to rule them all!!!



  2. man I have never had such an overdose of the word "continuity" and "wrong" .. phew .. I gotta lie down for a moment .. ;)

    Yeah they screwed up when they made the valley .. but isn't this turning alittle anal? I mean .. nobody diagrees with you Nur Ab Sal and Darth Nuke! they just don't care.. So why make a fuss about it!? (to everyone discussing this) those who really need to know what the valley looks like probably already do .. and what is the problem if the "average Joe" doesn't? none of them are going to write EU stories anyway! :) It will never affect EU that KOTOR made this version .. So why not just say "well I would have enjoyed the correct valley, but heck it's just a game" ??


    - Rosbjerg

  3. and bear in mind these are just guesses .. :p


    and Juhani is a finnish name from John .. (its actually a boys name) :)

    and John comes from hebrew Yochanan which means "Yahweh is gracious" ..


    according to an website I found .. Carth originates from swedish which means "Earth" .. but I'm not familiar with that word (I'm from Denmark neighbour to Sweden)


    maybe Revan comes from Revamp .. which means "to do again" or "patch up" ?


    And Jolee could be from Jolie which means "pretty" in french! :) or from hebrew Jael which means "mountain goat" (more likely) hehe


    and candorous is probalby from candour which means sincerity ..


    and Saul is a Hebrew name, Sha'ul which meant "asked for" or "prayed for.

    and karath could be derived from Arabic khayra meaning "good deed".

    so his name would be "praying for good deeds" or something ?




    If I think of anything else I will post .. or tell me to shut up if I'm totally wrong! :D


    - Rosbjerg

  4. I didn't like the combat system, although I got used to it ..


    or that you were limited to the ground .. As a Jedi I would feel the urge to jump very high from time to time .. :(


    Nor the fact that the were little difference in DS or LS (except for the slaughtering of your teammembers).. and you were just a bully not really a Dark Lord!


    That the alien languages only had a few lines which where repeated and with the same voice ..


    you would meet the same face too many times!


    And the fact that playing the game more than 3 times becomes VERY trivial ..



    other than that I absolutely love the game .. ;)

  5. what gave this game life? it was the extremely well produced and executed audio side of the game! the music was perfect and really gave the feel of the SW univers.. the speech was very extensive (although monotone when aliens spoke) which really gave life to the characters around you! you could sense the emotions from the voices and expressions which was also backed up very nicely visually!


    although not the main factors they definitely contributed alot to making this game what it was!

  6. The Sith ships are all of Rakatan design.  The Star Forge was built by the Rakata, and all the ships and droids produced by it are of their design.  The Leviathan appears to be larger than the Victory Star destoyers, and also appears to have much greater weapons capacity then it is stated as having.  The Rakata reached their peak something like 15,000 years before Humans or any other group even really took to the stars, they obviously had technology that wouldn't be equalled until much later.  The Leviathan class ships easily destroy the Republic war ships, which were at that time actual war ships unlike in the later Republic.


    but they say Admiral Saul left with the Republic flag ship .. The Leviathan.. then where are the alien/Rakatan ships then? because all sith ships look like the Leviathan .. and if thats an Republic design!!? :p


    Well I guess they just made a little blunder when they refered to the Leviathan as the former Republic flagship! I just found it rather funny .. :)

  7. I would have to say HK-47 .. I liked C-3PO until these new movies, damn I wish I could force choke GL (or whoever was responsible) with the manuscript from those two!!

    "oh this is such a drag" "I feel quite beside myself" .. :angry:


    So I choose HK-47, he was deliciously morbid .. :)


    RIP C-3PO your greatness was killed prematurely .. ;)

  8. Jolee .. not as a turn on though! But because of his wise words, which made me wanna crack his skull from time to time, but still was very helpfull in the end! Ah I still like ya you old coot! ;)

    But mostly because I felt he was a very believable character, with an interesting story .. His life would be a game worth playing! (except for those 20 years on Kashyyk of course)

  9. I thought that part was really lame made ... I could never set him free! It seems as if there was some error in my game or something cause the judges didn't judge on the whole case (in context with the other proof) but only on the immediate evidence set before them .. Or was that a generel error?

    I could have the strongest case, but to no avail!


    - Rosbjerg

  10. Well first time through I wanted to play as a LS and tried really hard.. but I became more and more impatient and agressive as the game progressed! so I ended up being DS .. I just couldn't resist the lure of the Dark Side in the end .. muhahaha


    But I have completed the game both DS and LS for both genders ..


    So in TSL I will probably go LS first .. it feels more natural for me! but who knows if I can resist the lure of the dark side yet again? :ph34r:

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