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  1. On the official website there is a dark or light side effect on alot of the planet/characters etc. While some are very obvious (Dantooine/Korriban) other may give a clue as to what you may find on the planet! Telos for instance gives a suprisingly high LS effect .. while other planets seems neutral and only increases the previous choice(s)!

    could this be used to draw a parrallel to the game perhaps? giving you an idea of what you will face on each planet (temptations, possible choices and so on)..

    Kreia seems to respond as a neutral character an reinforces both DS or LS while Sion and T3-M4 respectivly increases a significant amount in their sides .. (this would make T3-M4 a LS this time around instead of neutral from KOTOR1)

    or am I just over-speculating (and having far too much spare time)!? :blink:

  2. One question should be: "Why would Mandalore(new or old one) stay in your party, let alone take orders from you" It just sounds a bit too fishy for me.



    From Starwars Databank .. After Ulic Qel-Droma became the apprentice under Exar Kun, and began a war of conquest:


    Ulic and Aleema were joint warlords of the Empress Teta system. Their claim to that system was challenged by the upstart nomad, Mandalore. The two entered into a personal duel on Kuar. Mandalore dictated that the duel take place on the open plains of Harkul. Mandalore's weapon: the Basilisk war droid mount; Ulic's: his lightsaber. The contest: Qel-Droma must hold his ground high on the chain-nets over Harkul as Mandalore attacks. The prize: the allegiance of the combined armies of Teta and Mandalore. Ulic's Jedi training served him well. He bested Mandalore, and the defeated nomad conceded his loyalty.



    Mandalore is the best fighter and most cunning warrior .. Of course such men, and a mandalorian, would respect (and possibly pledge loyalty to) any better than themselves! So it would indicate that you defeat the current Mandalore in single-combat and he then joins you!

  3. Not sure yet. That dude with the silver plated suit keeps being labled as "Mandalore," even on the official site, but I'm pretty sure Mandalore is already dead, so how is that possible? Unless it's just an error and really just another Mandalorian.


    Its been said several times .. but Mandalore is just a title! so when you kill the present Mandalore a new leader arises and claims the title .. If there are any mandalorians left that is!

  4. in games you can generally turn down music volume individually and then play your own music in the background .. I don't see why this shouldn't be a possibility here! But why would you want to do that? I thought the ingame music from Kotor one was just fine ..

  5. Well we saw what an impact Battle Meditation had on the war effort .. and Revan single handedly took over/saved the galaxy! so in this particular univers they must be all to awarre what difference and individual (especially Jedi) is capable of! so I can definitiely understand why the Sith Lords are so eager to kill you og have you join them ..

  6. ya, but if there so easy y do u need 3 feats just to use some



    Why are you able to hear the roar of starships in space?


    because the ships produce a vast amount of oxygen or any gas than allows for sounds to easily be transported .. and carries a giant gravity "pump" to keep them nearby so you are able to hear the lovely roaring sound of spaceships in all its glroy.. :huh: well it was worth a shot ..

  7. clerics can be powerfull melee characters too! if you give them the right stats and defensive spells etc.. Jedis are like a very powerfull mage/fighter I always thought .. So consulars are still strong but not as much as a guardian of course! but you can still kick everybodys ass as a consular! >_<

    the main difference is the hitpoints, you can't take as much damage .. but have to protect yourself with the force, diplomacy and cunning rather than your lightsaber..

  8. hate is such a strong word .. :)

    I was ambivalent towards T3-M4 .. at least HK-47 had a personality!

    He didn't add anything to the game and I could've used the credits he was worth! but that said he did offer a R2-D2 replacement (although not even close) and therefore was an acceptabel little utility droid.. It would've been cliche, but I would have enjoyed a C3PO - R2D2 relationship between him and HK-47 ..


    - Rosbjerg

  9. all were classic stereotypes (but in this case not so negatively) and I really enjoyed "getting to know" most of them ..


    unlike many others I found Juhani to be a very well rounded character.. didn't find Carth or Bastilla whiney, just a little emotional scarred .. poor things .. :)

    all three had a lot of personality which made them easier to connect with!


    I'm a bit ambivalent towards Zaalbar and T3-M4, they didn't bring much to the story or game, but were still part of the greater purpose .. and brought something to the group in its entirety!


    Mission was the classic teenager eager to prove herself and very rebellious.. but you could definetly feel the kindness of her character!


    Candorous was the honourable warrior, he was dark but reasonable .. again a well rounded person!


    HK-47 was the greatest comic relief for this game! refreshingly morbid and horrifically hilarious..


    but my favorite was by far Jolee! he had the most personality and depth.. the kind of mentor I would really like to have in real life!


    The characters of this game is a big part of its greatness .. they added most of the depth and atmosphere of the game (apart from what the SW univers naturally brings)! alot of credit to Bioware for pulling it off in such a detailed wayl!


    anyway, thats my opinion .. :p


    - Rosbjerg

  10. and a lightsaber identifies you as a Jedi .. and although theres no indication of it, I think alot of people don't particularly like jedis (criminals etc) so if you wield one and seems like a idiot while doing it .. you will probably be killed by others if you don't kill yourself first! :thumbsup:


    - Rosbjerg

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