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  1. Old thread here. New thread here ... so, what are you playing now? It's broken more like. I mean, it works and you can hide in the environment and such, but... Get silenced guns for killing people silently, 'cause machete won't cut it without people you're murderizing yelling before death. AI doesn't see through bushes, luckily. Some missions are manageable via stealth alone. Most... Aren't. It's broken more like. I mean, it works and you can hide in the environment and such, but... Get silenced guns for killing people silently, 'cause machete won't cut it without people you're murderizing yelling before death. AI doesn't see through bushes, luckily. Some missions are manageable via stealth alone. Most... Aren't.
  2. I can see why you don't like it, but the cel-shading type graphics from Torchlight, Warcraft and Borderlands have really grown on me - mostly because it scales so well over time - even older games can look very good, as the resolution increases. The problem with traditional graphics are that they generally age really fast - making it hard to play games just 10-15 years old, as they UI scales horribly and models look pixelated.
  3. A central European concept, it's considered dirty/unsanitary to touch while exchanging cash. Due to the frequency of such exchanges. It's not so widespread in the north, but we dislike physical contact in all other context however
  4. Yeah it was a stretch goal, but they've decided to postpone it to a later expansion or update - I recall they said pathfinding made it ctd like a Bethesda game riddled with mods.
  5. Yep just added, as well as notification on what activities causes saves. And you can now sleep without saving etc As well as truckload of bugfixes, like alchemy benches sending you flying and your horse getting stuck in fences.
  6. I imagine the executives of The Onion just went 'Well, if you can't beat 'em ...' given how satire seems almost mundane in comparison to reality these days.
  7. Oh man, that sucks - hope you find something even better.
  8. Last thread here. Seeing that original kickstarter video was interesting, the final product seems quite close, but at the same time they've obviously gone in a much different direction with many mechanics. Pickpocketing in particular..
  9. Yeah, their biggest flaw is how they've manhandled Fallout and the Elder Scrolls, from a writing and lore perspective - and the whole greedy mod debacle - but them closing down would kill a lot of great FPS titles.
  10. Damn, hopefully an accident though - otherwise a pretty serial killer move.
  11. Yeah leave there if you don't want an unfair advantage too early. I thought you were midgame already. Edit: and they just removed it in the latest patch, so lucky you hah
  12. The easiest way to make money is to kill bandits and sell their gear - you get missions from Robard later in the game, sorta like from Preston in Fallout 4. Make sure to repair swords/axes before you sell them, using the grindstone. Killing mercenaries (there's a few along the major roads), those that offer to fight for money - is both a good source of armor and items to sell. Or alternatively, to steal from the castles, there's usually noble clothes items worth 1-2K grochen in each of the master bedrooms. Around midgame I've accumulated +8000g via this route. The best armor and sword in the game is also free, if you know where to look
  13. Yeah it needs some tweaking to be sure, but mostly just adequate feedback - you can still pull off combos even if enemies block your strikes (as long as it's not a riposte or perfect block). That should be conveyed to the player. And not only that, but most combos actually work withing the natural flow of combat, in that your sword automatically moves to the correct position, but this isn't conveyed either or even shown - so when you try to move the cursor to where you assume you have to be, you can easily mess up the combo. Not a great design, but to be honest I've actually enjoyed having to figure this out. Kinda how I assume actually learning to handle a sword would be.
  14. You've racked up alot of 'awakening' points there however. I got completly annihilated in a similar game (pre 2.0) when the FE went on a holy crusade against me after the third skirmish.
  15. Yeah you need to put in 2-3 days worth of training with Robard until you're good enough to actually take on more than one opponent at a time. And if you hate combos, go with a mace or heavy axe - no need for fancy footwork, if you just power through their defence and armor.
  16. I don't know if all of you guys are following the backer updates on Deadfire - but the latest one deserves a share I think .. it's a little weird! :D
  17. I couldn't figure them out at first. They never connected, were always blocked etc. But combos work best when the oppononent is tired, or in respons to you disrupting his. They're generally quite powerful as well, with a good combo stopping the fight in one way or another. So use them towards the end, after tiring them out. In time you learn how (and when) to execute them early and mid-combat.
  18. I'm glad to see that this new trend of 'losing is a part of the story' is taking hold in gaming. The focus on constant gratification, winning and 'fun' (ie players feeling in control) in the 00s and early 10s, really ruined a lot of good storytelling opportunities imo. No challenge, no investment.
  19. Is that quest fixed in the latest patch? Saw some early warnings on reddit and other forums, that completing it can seriously corrupt saves.
  20. Sucks, perhaps you can get a refund and revisit after patches and a sale? Maybe a hardware issue. It seems fairly well optimized for my build luckily. Intel i7 and a gtx 1060 - I had a AMD before and always had problems with Crytek's engine. Stuttering, ctds etc
  21. Yep, especially trainers it seems. Captain Bernard is important - I only learned combos from him, as it turns out he can teach you to riposte, which is a really important skill. Couldn't figure out why they were dodging my attacks and pommeling my face, while I couldn't .. now I can!
  22. So do any of you have any tips for sword fighting, 'cause I suck at it :D
  23. I folded and bought it, even though I usually never buy games one day one - no bugs for me so far and it's one of the best games I've played in years! Takes me back to the early days of Baldurs Gate and the likes, with scribbled notes to keep track of the gameplay mechanics and quest.. The level of detail is awesome - as a historian with something of a fascination with the 15th century, it's almost like holodeck experience :D Love the lack of handholding as well and very free approach to any quest. Did install the 'save whenever' mod, just to avoid CTDs and the likes - luckily no such things so far.
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