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  1. I hate twitter and these jackhats. If Obsidian caves more to them, I'm requesting my money back. They will not be worthy of my money. If this blows over and nothing is changed, then that's fine. But after the memorial issue, I'm having little trust left with them. They can't appeal to everyone, so they need to stop trying to.
  2. There's already a mage companion like that. Aside from the actual soul switching.
  3. "We appreciate the faith you have all given us..." Well now I have no more faith after this.
  4. I do like seeing the devs on the "currently reading" section but none have any guts to come out and speak. They're all cowards. Yes, if you haven't realized yet, I'm not happy in the least.
  5. Why the **** does this twitter blight of a person have so much more power over the people who funded the game, and its other paying customers?
  6. Screw Obsidian for caving to those sjw butts. And screw even more that backer who couldn't stand their ground. The goddamn game is not politically correct, so why the hell is these even an issue? Holy hell. No one can take a ****ing joke anymore. What a ****ty world we live in if thats truely the case.
  7. Great job, Eric Fenstermaker. Edér is easily my favorite companion. His lines are great, and I don't think I'll be able to complete the game solo, because I just need Edér with me at all times. Hahahah.
  8. I just realized my title isn't linked on the forums. Can I still get "Wadilla Feggler of the Obsidian Order" Thanks much!
  9. I still don't know how we jumped to transgendered to begin with. Why can't the man just be drunk and slept with a feminine-looking man? Like Zevran from Dragon Age.
  10. Censorship solves nothing. Obsidian, don't cave to this blight on humanity. Just don't. Why give the people who support killing all men the pride of anything? Nothing but pure censorship will please them. The only losers will be the gamers. Who, y'know... made this game possible in the first place.
  11. Marvel Heroes. Over 900 hours into it.
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