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  1. Irrational fear is irrational fear and no fun if it stops one from playing. Building additional art assets, dialogue, etc. for critters that could mimic <spider, snake, etc.> and provoke a similar atmosphere? That may be to corner case for the devs to devote much time for; given the budget required for bug stomping and game improvements. If a modding community is allowed/encouraged, then it seems the perfect place for this kind of alteration. Though it would be interesting to know the percentage of phobic individuals wanting to play these types of games, since that would be very info
  2. Children, like all other critters, should act and react in reasonably believable ways, to the extent possible, within the limits of the game envirionment. Why would it be otherwise? It would be also nice to have destructable terrain, but that too is subject to the limits of the game envirionment, programability, etc. Of course if the quest is about recovering all the missing children, the absolute absence of sub-adults might be explainable and the 'controversy' aborted
  3. I would rather have a skill based system as I strongly dislike class based...but a game is balanced within it self and, if possible, I would rather have the option to multi-class than not.
  4. Looking forward to what these good folks can and will accomplish, be that this year or the next.
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