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  1. IMO, this is a wildly varying situation of context and your personal values. If you're young and don't mind sacrificing your life for your work, it can be worth it for a while. You might learn skills or gain contacts that help you in the future. It seems like a fair percent of the more successful indie devs started out in those environments. A few things to consider: You'll get paid significantly more working for tech companies than for game companies. The few times I've looked at game dev salaries I thought they were extremely low. OTOH, you could still end up in the grinder, and th
  2. I generally agree with your post, and if I'd read a few posts like that I would have been sure that the game wasn't for me. But I'm really enjoying it. Also, FWIW, I feel like the writing has improved significantly. It turned me off in DOS1, but I'm at least enjoying the different origin characters so far. I'd be more informed, but I've restarted Fort Joy about 20 times and keep switching between different characters. Lucky Charm occasionally throws magic items your way, and extra money is really useful in Act 1. Loremaster gives info when Examining enemies. For practical purpo
  3. A portrait pack when you can easily create or download much better ones? I don't think I'd be interested even if it was free. I've been enjoying the game for the week I've played it so far, but I'm not a fan of the portraits. The quality is meh and IMO the cartoony aesthetic doesn't fit the game at all. Maybe it's just me. Hopefully this is just a hold-over before the real DLC.
  4. Just so everyone knows, I got two offers for codes, so I'm taken care of. Currently obsessing over custom portraits. Thanks to everyone for being so helpful.
  5. Nice, well thought out write up. I agree with pretty much everything you say. But honestly, the only thing that would be an instant pre-release purchase for me would be to have ME 1 - 3 retold from a different viewpoint. ME: The Untold Story - the life and heroic end of Marauder Shields. The inevitable tragic ending, rather than detracting, would create a menacing, oppressive atmosphere throughout the course of the game. Other than the above, a prequel that included nuanced faction politics and allow exploration of a decent-sized galactic sandbox would be great. But I don't know if
  6. 1 & 2 hell yes. Though really I'd like to see "any good cyberpunk" setting. I think it's unlikely to see more Shadowrun outside of Harebrained Studios for a while, and it's probably the same for C2077. WoT wouldn't make or break it for me, it would depend on game reception.
  7. Thanks. You were before me, and there seem to be plenty of folks offering coupons, so I don't mind waiting in the queue. Some people are in different time zones so it might just take some time.
  8. If you've still got it (assuming melkathi got one already), I'd love to have it.
  9. T:ToN does these same things too. There is mystery who you are and why you exist and where did you come, how you are related to Changing God or what ever entity's husk people say you are, and what is Sorrow and why it hunts CG and you. There are quite lot of people that say they know the answer but they all give different answer and quite lot of them seem to be more interested on how you can help them or get you go away. I'm not complaining about TToN's story, except in a nitpicky way of saying that what I've seen in the beta is good, but not PST good in terms of execution. I'd say it'
  10. Let me give an example: In PST, most of the NPCs have direct links to your past lives. But you don't realize that until much later in the game. So even though those characters revolve around you, because you've hugely influenced their pasts, you don't know it, and the revelations as the relations slowly unfold are fairly shocking. Morte is essentially suffering a mix of stockholm syndome and the transference effect. There's some irony or at least dark humor in this if you're playing a well-intentioned character. Ignus condition is a direct result of the machinations of your sociopathi
  11. This is a particular peeve of mine when it happens in fiction or games. Most commonly it seems to be a wizard whose power is in their staff or wand, or the loser who gets a magic sword and is suddenly a winner. It's a huge turn off for me. Torment seems to have gone the other extreme (at the moment) and made cyphers almost useless, though. FWIW, since you and Nonek seem to be casually firing shots over each other's bows, I feel like the game borders on being too player-centric and player-friendly, and would benefit from being harder on the player in a variety of ways (NPC interaction, q
  12. Early Access, not Electronic Arts. FWIW, I played Darkest Dungeon about 6 months ago and loved it. The only reason I stopped was because I didn't want to get burned out before the final product was released. It's got extremely rough but manageable RNG. It's also got great art and a unique stress mechanic that I hope inspires other games. It's also unique because stress can ruin party members, so you can't get attached to members that you've built up for a while, even if they've become power houses. You have to have strategy about managing and dismissing members that become a proble
  13. You level up faster with Oddity than Classic, especially during quests, but it might depend on how you play. You have more control with Classic because you can just keep fighting until you level up, but that might take a long time. XP from kills is related to your level vs the enemies, so fighting rathounds and similar creatures becomes a slog if you're doing it for leveling. Plus respawns are fairly slow. I took a break during the Rail Crossing quests to explore and try to level up to craft shields and better armor. You can buy shields, too, if you look around, but they might be prett
  14. Just checking, but you know that you can look through vents, right? You don't even have to unscrew them to do this. You can also press TAB to get highlights, and sit there watching for patrols. Another bonus is that you remove the map "fog" for sections that you've peeked through, so you can see large sections of the layout after using the vents. You can get electrokinesis (kinetics, not metathermics) very early, and that does a fair amount of damage to robots and will stun them just like an EMP device. The "fireball" attack also does decent damage, and is available early. I got
  15. Ok, that was the best description of the Alduin fight I've ever seen. It also made me imagine a macho Bruce Lee showdown, which could have been hilarious if done well. Anyway... BGS had always done horrible balance. In Morrowind, for example, all weapons except spears were the same length. So a dagger and a two handed sword had the same reach. This was fixed by modding, of course, but all of their vanilla games are horrible in this regard. That said, FO4 is the first game that they've actually put a little work in. I appreciate that, but then they added legendary weapons into the mix. L
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