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  1. I think a slider would be a good addition to the game options. Preferably one that you can change in game. But I don't have a problem with gaining XP too quickly bc I don't level up when I can. No one forces you to level up. E.g., if you want to do 50% gain, don't level up to level 2 until you have 2000 XP., don't level up to 3 until you have 6000 XP, etc. I don't level up until it's too hard (i.e., not fun) to do what I want to do, whether that's combat, sneaking, or whatever. My goal is 50%. I usually do better than that but sometimes I level up before I have twice the required XP. It's
  2. There's nothing that the class system forbids me to do. But I always get this awkward feeling that what I do with a class can also be done by another. I cannot be unique. There's a lack of proper roles. It's a hybrid... If you do a game with a class system, then stick to it. Don't make wizards experts in disarming traps! (they start with 1 in it) It's rogues' stuff! This way I get the feeling that with 6 fighters I can beat the game just right... as a fighter can scout, beat, disarm, be stealthy, talk, and with proper lore even cast spells.. By the way... I'd be more than happy if anyone c
  3. I'm not following because I don't understand how the classes restrict your ability to be a leader, talk, or scout. They give starting bonuses to skills (e.g., stealth) and determine what talents you can take but not much else (except for combat things like starting deflection and accuracy and what you can do in combat). Rogues and Ciphers are good because they both give a starting bonus to both stealth and mechanics (rogue gets +2 to mechanics) but you can have any player be a scout or trap monkey. I used Durance because mechanics (traps) makes his seal spells stronger. Here is a list of c
  4. You can be physically strong and intelligent. High might and intelligence is practically a requirement for non-CC focused casters. Then you can add dex if you want to focus on speed or perception if you want to focus on accuracy. I would not want to be able to increase attributes at level up. Then the devs would have to make encounters (and maybe CYOAs and conversations) harder to compensate and that would make the game more linear bc ppl would generally want to play the hardest parts last, either becuase they need to or to make the game more fun. I prefer non-linear games. Use the IE Mod
  5. Here are the dialog checks in 1.x. It doesn't count the White March but maybe someone will have those. Barbarian: 2 Chanter: 1 Cipher: 12 Druid: 1 Fighter: 4 Monk: 2 Paladin: 1 + Order Priest: 6 (3 unique - without equivalent "Clergyman" background check) + Deity Ranger: 2 Rogue: 2 Wizard: 3 Kind Wayfarers: 7 Bleak Walkers: 6 Shieldbearers: 3 Goldpact: 2 Darcozzi: 3 Berath: 3 Skaen: 7 Magran: 5 Wael: 5 Eothas: 7 Aristocrat: 8 Artist: 4 Clergyman: 7 (4 unique) Colonist: 9 Dissident: 6 Drifter: 4 Explorer: 9 Hunter: 10 Laborer: 8 Mercenary: 8 Merchant: 11 Mystic: 5 Philosopher: 11 Raider:
  6. 1. PST 2. Morrowind Those are always my top two. I love lore and world building done right. In Morrowind, I also like how it subverts the "Chosen One" trope even you do end up being the Chosen One in the end only bc you were such a dumb frick that you let others manipulate you for their own ends. (Or you can never figure that out if you just follow the main quest instead of exploring. The game makes sense either way, which I appreciate.) 3. Too many to list and the order of these games changes all the time so I'll just call this my Tier 2 games. I love them all. Betrayal at Krondor,
  7. IMO whether or not you should min-max stats depends on why you are min-maxing stats. I would only do it if I enjoyed trying out different builds and making the most X build I could. I use X there bc what is the best build for a class (or even a good build) is going to vary from person to person, playstyle to playstyle and even what role you want party member Y to have in your party (so from game to game for the same person). IOW you are using the game mainly as a testing ground for your build and not so much playing for the story, exploring the world, playing a role, etc. Some ppl love doi
  8. Thanks. I have played before but it was the 1.x build, which seems pretty different. I'm currently using my first party that I abandoned in Defiance Bay because I got bored even though I wasn't leveling up in order to make the combat more challenging. I started doing solo POTD runs on 1.x. That was fun but real life intervened so I ended up only doing about 2 and 2/3 runs. I got interested again because of the Deadfire campaign. I'm playing WM with an under-leveled party (the one I'd abandoned in DF) and it's pretty fun so far. Sometimes it's hard and I can't always tell if it's bc I'm not
  9. There are a lot of good tips in the posts above. I've only played a bit on 3.x (and only up to level 6) so someone please correct me if things have changed. Expanding on the debuffs, I like to use players to work together with debuffs. E.g., have Aloth cast Chill Fog or Curse of the Blackened Sight then Hiravias cast Sunbeam. If Chill Fog hits (and, as explained above, it usually will for at least 1.5 seconds), it reduces reflex, which Sunbeam targets. Then have other party members target reflex because Sunbeam also blinds (for 15 seconds, longer than Chill Fog), which reduces the opponent
  10. FWIW, I disagree with the Steam guide. You don't need to minmax, even on PotD unless you're soloing PotD. Then you should minmax and will probably need at least some cheese (which I enjoy in moderate amounts but some ppl hate). I think trying to minmax everyone takes the fun out of the game. But other ppl enjoy it. My advice is only worry about it if you enjoy the challenge of minmaxing more than playing the game. I agree that it's easiest if you have at least two tanks or semi-tanks. Eder is a natural. Any of the next three (Aloth, Durance, Kana) can be decent semi-tanks if you pick tanki
  11. I don't think there is a right way to do it. You should play in the way that's the most fun for you. I only used the camping supplies that I found on the map a few times when I first started playing. Since then, I wait to get the buffs at inns (which some people would probably consider its own form of cheat). You can think of them as a suggestion by Obsidian for how often you should need to rest and gauge whether the game is too hard for you or too easy based on that but that's just a guideline. If you prefer being underleveled and needing to rest more, camping supplies are cheap and f
  12. I've always saved levels. It does not kill immersion for me bc the whole leveling up process is so abstracted that it's not immersive. E.g., it's silly that you now have new spells, abilities, more HP etc when an hour ago you didn't. How do you suddenly know a spell you didn't know at all before? Learning is analog but levels are discrete. Plus, I view leveling decisions as player decisions, not as my in-game character decisions so choosing to have a higher number of XP needed to advance a level is exactly the same as choosing not to level except that I (as a player) have more control ove
  13. The issue for me is that taunts would be asymmetrical. You could give enemies that ability but I am very skeptical that they'd use it well. If the devs actually implemented enemy AI that used taunts intelligently, I think taunts would be probably be fine and might make combat more interesting and tactical. E.g., your tank, who was previously engaging a few enemies, would get pulled away and you'd need to figure out how to deal with that. Or your wizard, who was positioning to cast an AoE, suddenly finds him or herself standing in front of an ogre. That could be fun. "As I stated already fa
  14. I would like an AI like you describe. I don't think we will get anything close to it but I'd prefer better AI to taunts. I don't understand why good AI would require every party member to take defensive talents. I've soloed (pre-2.0) with a wizard and a druid and didn't take any defensive talents, tanking talents, or melee talents. I'd guess that they'd be less necessary with a party than when soloing, even with good AI. I'm not sure what you mean by "armor". I think you're probably right if you mean some type of armor and wrong if you mean heavy armor. I think it would be a good thing
  15. I agree that games don't always have to be realistic and never are in many respects. E.g., I've never seen a cRPG where, if you are injured, you need to rest for at least days and maybe months. Maybe you never recover your previous strength, dexterity, etc. I liked the aspect of Realms of Arkania where you would become sick or, e.g., have a wound get infected and you needed to either have someone in your party who could heal that type of disease/injury or find a doctor in a town, which might take a while to reach especially in winter. And some of the doctors were quacks who could make you sick
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