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  1. I would love a NWN-like game under pathfinder rules. But I want it for the multiplayer posibility to create modules and persistent worlds that NWN gave to the players, not that much for the single player story... So maybe obsidian isn't the best option for that. But I don't think that there is any other company that would do it, so... I vote for it anyway. NWN scene is great and it's still surviving besides the shut down of the authentification server and of gamespy, but it will eventually die without new players. NWN 2 came too soon and the toolset was too complicated to work wi
  2. He doesn't want the lore... He was a toolset lite "Aurora", something that allows users to create user-made persistent worlds with more than 60 players, with Dungeon Masters and a lot of customization. So far, the last game that brought something like that (Something really like that, and if you haven't played on persistent rol playing servers on NWN1 and 2 you don't even know what I'm talking about ) was NWN2. At least, with NWN3, that's what I'm asking for. About the rules..? Well, D&D rules are not bad. Pathfinder rules coud work also. Original rules coud work too. But the
  3. I hope this is not the case, as a lot of people that woud be interested in other kinf of games with pathfinder IP are not interested at all in a card game....
  4. Well, I'm not interested at all on a Card Game, but... Something with the Pathfinder rules might be very interesting... I was just looking at the "Next obsidian Kickstarter" and talking about somethinkg NWN-like with contruction tools like the Aurora Tools, and saying that not having D&D license coud be a problem for it to achieve a project like that to achieve a great success, but with pathfinder rules (AKA D&D 3.5.2) the problem just dissapear. So.... If they make a game with the PoE engine, of course I'll take a look at it and probably buy it, but what woud be really amazing
  5. Next Obsidian Kickstarter? I woud absolutly love to see them making some kind of "spiritual sucessor" to Neverwinter Nights. Yeah, the history was kind of bad on NWN, but the Aurora Tools released with them gave birth to a lot of user created content, some of it with very high quality. Of course the D&D license helped that, as a lot of persisten worlds based on D&D settings were created, but something original might find his place too.
  6. This. And american 50s have their paranoia and the Cold War. Of course a fallout can be done in other countries, but It wouln't be the same....
  7. There's still time, sure. But if their backgrounds are in larger resolutions... Why not? It would be great if they think about this right now. Yeah, It may take up to 15 years that most gamers have 4/8K screens, but hey, It's been 15 years since Baldur's Gate release and there's still people playing it. And original sources are usually lost after some time, so I'll think It would be great to do it now. In fact I hope that it takes less than 10 years, I'm a bit tired of useless 1080p screens for 4.x inches screens while most monitors are stuck on less than 100 PPI.
  8. In fact, there's info about vaults in other countries. At least one in Canada and another in Japan, I think... But I'll rather let them stay on the US.
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