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  1. ...you start working finally on NWN3 If cash is an issue then just fire up another Kickstarter, you will get an guaranteened 100%+ fund for it. I personaly would spend 100€ on such an Kickstarter-Page (usualy i only spend about 30€ on Kickstarter). Now if it's again just Neverwinter Nights or more (D&D has so much to offer) is up to you. Why i did not buy PoE so far? Well it has no Toolset and no Multiplayer, so it doesn't interest me, but i will buy it just to support Obsidian if they start an official NWN3 Kickstarter-Campaing. Both NWN1 and NWN2 are still great games, it is seriously a no brainer to bring NWN to the next level. Yes i know there is Sword Coast Legends soon, but it is more like an Action RPG and falls short in the D&D detail.
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