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  1. I'm not sure how I feel about this, and I think I'll have to see specifics before I can judge. I don't instinctively hate it or anything. I wonder if it will work somewhat like Dragon Age 2's attributes. Each attribute had a benefit for every class, but they were super important to specific classes. For instance, Strength was the primary attribute of Warriors (so it affected damage and effectiveness of their attacks and abilities), but it also influences Fortitude for all classes (ability to resist being knocked back/down). Similarly, Dexterity was important to Rogues, but it affected ever
  2. Most of this sounds pretty cool. I will say that I hate...HATE...dealing with items breaking down in games. However, if we can deal with it fairly easily through crafting then I guess it isn't a big deal. Thank goodness a companion can do it for me, so I don't have to take crafting if I don't want to.
  3. They should use all of the colors as appropriate. Also, I love the color purple (not so big on pink, but it still feels right in certain areas. Flowers, some clothing.... I'd like to see a mix, and potentially themed. For instance, if you're in a mansion that belongs to a noble house that has a crest of a stag on a red background with yellow accents, I'd expect a good amount of those colors in their mansion, among others, of course.
  4. I really like the concept of the Animat. It's interesting. I like the depth of thought that seems to be going into the concept of magic (or souls) being bound into mundane matter.
  5. I think one simple way to balance summoning so that you can have multiple summoned creatures is to take the spell level (assuming spells work like in D&D) into account. So you have an upper limit of creatures you are able to have summoned at any given time. Say a level one character can have 2 spell levels of creatures active, Third level characters can have 5. Something like that. So a 3rd level Wizard wanting to summon creatures can summon creatures using one level 3 spell and one lvl 2 spell; 5 level 1 spells, 2 level 2 spells and 1 level 1 spell; and so on.
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