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  1. Well, i guess this fix the option of nonlethal way of dealing with named characters... This is probably one of the things i am looking forward the most now... I wonder if Obsidian will give us a "Hannibal Lecter" that we can keep on the dungeon to talk to, that give us "nods and insight" of other villians and our actions. Something that make really hard to flesh out villains in games, is that you are often going to kill them onsight, so ou rarelly interact with them outside of hostile actions. Now we can have our own Arkham Asylum
  2. I suppose it may be for the better with the friendly fire, no friendly fire on spells made casters too overpowered on NWN2....and casters were already too overpowered on 3.X already, thought it would be nice if the AI is made to avoid the area of effect when posible, or the friendly AI avoiding doing AoE where you are, or also showing where the effect will hit before it finish casting
  3. I don´t mind if fighter use stances/mode, as long as you actually have to think what mode and stances to use on diferent situations, something i disliked about NWN games with non-casters it´s the....i activate power attack mode....and never bother doing anything else... I just hope the rogue do have diferent abilities to use in combat, D&D based games (and the PnP) always make rogue like characters boring as hell in combat.
  4. As someone that dislike old D&D (all the way to 3.5, this include PF) mechanics and design, i am glad the game it´s going forward on their game mechanics, and still preserving what i liked so much that made me tolerate those old D&D mechanics. Planescape Torment, NWN2: Mask of the Betrayer and Storm of Zehir weren´t great because of the D&D mechanics...infact that´s probably the weakest point of those games...
  5. I actually prefer Gish classes to have spells and abilities related to their status as Gish, instead of having fewer spells from the same pure caster classes... And yes....Clerics and Druids were way too powerful on 3.5...that´s why they are nicknamed CoDzilla, because they become better than the fighter at fighting, they have spells and can heal too....granted, 3rd edition isn´t very generous toward noncasters at all...
  6. There is no challenge or skill on "save or die" mechanics, because it´s entirely based on a single instance of luck where you have no control over it... It´s the kind of things i disliked about PnP RPGs from yesterday (and tomorrow, because they are bringing that back on D&DNext...ugh)
  7. I don´t fear this will be a problem, obsidian have made a great job of being more pacifist kind of option on their games, either diplomacy or stealth in the past.
  8. Now i wish you guys made a tabletop PnP version of Project Eternity, every update get me more excited for this game.
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