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  1. It keeps coming to mind how great it is to have a company so keen on creating the best game that they can. So great that they task all their hardcore fanatics who are creating the game to play it for a week straight to see what they spot as being not up to scratch. Who better to spot the irksome than those who know where to look - and what can be changed? It sounds like some/most of the things stated have already been raised by the beta testers (no surprise - many thanks to them for their hard work). Having those things noted by the creation team itself seems to have enforced that those changes need to be made. The corrective voice looks to change from "extreme fan - possible minority", to "it just needs to be fixed". (too tired to rethink this sentence-sorry) The improvements planned sound good. I'm glad they are before release. That week for the creation team must have had such a wonderful sense of ownership. I have such respect for Obsidian, their ethos and their calibre of work. Thanks again!
  2. The adventurers I followed in stories had no time for heavy armour, especially how much it slowed them down. It also feels much less dashing and daring. The design work put into the regional clothing looks fantastic. Is anyone else keen on having their party wear light and medium armour only?
  3. After a quick search I was impressed to find someone had created female fitted chain armour that doesn't make me cringe. It looks like they have also put good effort into ensuring generous arm movement. https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/64386571/custom-fitted-chainmaille-shirt-womens?ref=market My experience with chain armour is that the weight is taken from the shoulders and that for longer suits (hauberks) a significant amount of weight is then taken by a sturdy belt on the hips. The ability for the chain to stop the blows seemed increased by it not being taut. When the chain had more movement more of the chain was hit by the blade and the blow was better dispersed. Taut chain is easier to damage and have more of the blow pass through. Another way to shape fitted armour would be to have a fitted leather armour with chain/rings/scale/plates attached to that to keep it in the desired shape. This however would be like medium armour rather than full chain, or else considerably add to the weight of the suit. The issue in my eyes would be the increased cost to create such a work of art, compared to a simple suit of chain that just drapes over and is so much easier to repair. But then, we are going to become very wealthy adventurers...
  4. I am keen on Phaen's Robe of Rags that was in Icewind Dale - a wizard's robe. In England the Morris sides sometimes use a coat of rags of different colours - which look great as the dancer moves and jumps. I think that a flamboyant non restrictive coat like that would be great for my Chanter. It would also be great for a Green Man style Druid. The ability to change the colours of the cloth could make this great (missing from Icewind Dale) though I do think more than just two colours for the coat would help. I would like to point out, very clearly, that the bells would not be included. No bells. Not even one. Any chance something like this could be included in PoE?
  5. Lephys, could I have my title "Logodaedalus of the Obsidian Order" please. Not in regard to my own posts of course - more re the Chanter I will become.
  6. Wizards have a blast effect when using Wands, Rods and Sceptres, but my traditional Wizard weapon/focus item is a staff. Is there something that encourages a Wizard to use a staff? I liked the idea that the potential effect of a focus increased with the size of the focus, but could also be modified by the rarity of components and working put into its creation. Is this something that would feature in PoE lore?
  7. I am fair bubbling with excitement. Given how exciting the selection of spells they have shown for the Wizard and the Druid are, the selection of effects and combinations of such that must be available for my Chanter is looking to be fantastic. The concept of warrior/wizard is something I am keen on but I thought that the Chanter was the nice way of filling that role. More friendly and supportive of my compatriots and still able to be a sword master. My problem now however - these different classes are each showing such signs of awesomeness and tactical intricacies, that choosing one at the beginning is becoming a very difficult decision. I am very glad I enjoy the character creation so much, but to experience all the fun is going to take many play throughs, and use of the Adventurers' Hall. I am actively trying to plan ahead so from the beginning of next year I have time dedicated on a consistent basis to spend on PoE. Loving the idea of the Druid's multiple spiritshift forms to choose from and especially that they can learn more throughout the game. Excellent work Obsidian!
  8. Loving the atmosphere of the locations - especially the little details like the ivy growing over the shelves and the way the scrolls arrayed in the stand. Really looking forward to creating a troop of would be heroes and delving into his world. As powerful as the Godlikes may be, I am still keen on a human Chanter as my PC. I like the feeling that there are other beings with more power, it just means I have to dig deeper inside myself, to really focus on harnessing my soul power, and to gather and inspire some stalwart companions. Just think, only a year more of these taunting teasing updates to go... gah! (allowing run over time for last minute perfection checks) Excellent work Obsidian!
  9. Thanks GoranTg for that archery video - stunning and inspirational stuff!! Mindblowing in fact - Wow!!!
  10. I like the idea of a mage being skilled enough to fashion a fireball larger than normal by having it burst towards foes rather than friends. AoE as normal, then enhanced beyond that to something much better - all through having a better INT stat. If the animation could show that - amazing, but I would not expect that. My imagination though can understand how this casting would work. Massive explosion of force, followed by gaining some control over it. Josh, has any work been put towards a spell like fireball filling a certain area, and hence if cast in a corridor expanding further down the corridor than the normal range of the spell? I imagine this could prove quite tricky coding wise, but your team's minds are working magic so far! (bad pun, sorry, so sorry - serious about the praise though)
  11. Absolutely captivated by the character sheet, combined with the lovely background with wild flowers and all. Immediately I was playing the game, analysing my party (including trying to scroll down the records). The thought that came to mind was playing the game with a duo of characters akin to Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser - and whoever else tags along. I love that we have that option with the Adventurer's hall! Loving the artwork and the care taken in putting together a good system that everything runs on. Really looking forward to this adventure :-D
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