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  1. I got the same bug.. And my specs are above the minimum as well so it can't be spec related.. I read that somebody got it fixed by disablind some GPU setting (from nvidia) but honestly that makes no sense.. It must be something else?
  2. I'm in love. cRPG combined with new RPG features. Absolutely something I've been waiting for...!
  3. Awesome, perfect paladin in my opinion! All the best from paladin brought to daylight
  4. The UI only on bottom? It feels kinda weird, it looks great but it feels weird.. I'm more for the rechtsidebar character portraits like in BG. Don't know, maybe a minimap? I remember in BG , always opening the map was kinda.. meh.
  5. Nevermind what I said, just noticed I could click on the pic. Looks promising !!
  6. It looks very beautiful but I'd like to see bigger rooms to be honest. It looks like it's on a small resolution, it's the size of old Baldur's Gate dungeons. Don't know what you guys think but thats my opinion, other than that the graphs are fine.
  7. I agree on the part that it shouldn't be too 'outlandish' like 'epic' purple shining swords etc. Just the plain and cool steel with diamonds , sapphires etc to make it more beautiful. It can be abit outlandish but not like world of warcraft's uber ugly cataclysmic swords and shizzle. The armor is also very important, for plate I'd suggest a tight full plate armor, like with the neck protector etc, shields are imo one of the most important things in a whole equip. Round shields need to be big and round (obvious :D) whereas bucklers (for archers or so) should be small and not so perfect on the artwork. I remember in Baldur's Gate bigger shields didn't give u a disadvantage only they are heavier, I suggest P.E. should keep in mind that a bigger shield is idd heavier, more protection vs arrows /(fire/icemagic?) but also makes you slower.. In Baldur's Gate a fighter with a sword & shield was pretty epic, just haste and couple of buffs and he couldn't die and also dealt most dmg, which shouldn't be the case imo. For mages armor etc I'd suggest a bit more of the 'epic' glowing shizzle, like for example a robe with .. lets say fire resi stats gets a small firebolt twirling around the mage or so. To get the feeling he's really surrounded by magic
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