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  1. I like this idea! These sentient items could be quite interesting characters (or even companions) and I really can imagine the soul of a person getting bound to an item by a god or something (e.g. as a punishment) ... and since PE is all about the souls :D
  2. I think a little bit of variation among the dragons wouldn't hurt ... But imo you should still be able to recognize them without reading a name plate or a kodex entry. Wouldn't like a situation where I'm all like "Ooooh, so that gigantic fire breathing squid was a dragon!" But maybe that's just me
  3. Really enjoy the art style! Whilst interesting and highly diverse (e.g. different cultures) it doesn't seem over the top
  4. Never understood why people think female characters in video games have to look like the fantasy of a 13 year old boy and therefore wear as little as possible :/ That's also one of the reasons why I prefer western rpgs over jrpgs :D
  5. While driving through town I saw this today: http://www.historischer-markt-scherneck.de/Internet-Histo-Markt-Plakat-2013.gif Really like this kind of armour style (though you just see its back )
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