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  1. Let it henceforth be known that Architect is a PANSY.

  2. I feel so let down... she said she'd 'explain' herself to me. :(

  3. I can vouch for Black Books. Epic.

  4. Tale is correct. The DSM has reclassified ADD as a subset of ADHD. Wee fun stimulants.

  5. You have ADHD too?

  6. Haha. It's a bit like that. Most disturbing is that there are people out there who actually use sex dolls.

  7. Oh baby, you as so 1/cosĀ©. I want to lie tangent to your curves!

  8. Details are TRIVIAL!

  9. What's wrong with speed?

  10. I love maths and fire! Especially fire. Me and my grandmother once lit a fire on the ground at carols by candlelight, as we chanted the integer multiplication table up to 20.

  11. It's Thursday, but obviously he would have started drinking on Wednesday.

  12. Humodour

    You sir are a ****ing champion.

  13. Haha. Next time I do, I'll be sure to send you drunken incomprehensible abuse messages. :p

  14. New Zealand rules!!!

  15. Sheesh, you're popular aren't you babydol? ;)

  16. I aim to please! Though usually with less self-deprecation.

  17. No, it was also the wrong profile. I meant to wish Architect bodily harm instead. :(

  18. Hi. At first I thought you were some n00b who randomly concatenated a string of numbers to their alias, but then I realised it as an approximation of pi, and I felt stupid.

  19. Wrong profile. My bad.

  20. Hello, dear user.


  21. That's actually a tautology for Archie. More like "I only drink."

  22. Haha spose but I love it. It's mesmerising.

  23. I believe that was one of the theories about the Lady of Pain (squirrels, not pot).

  24. Hey, no hard feelings. You really ought to try games like Bloodlines, NOLF1, and Deus Ex, though. :)

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