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Status Updates posted by Humodour

  1. Cheers for the emoticon changes. Looking awesome so far!

  2. Haha no problem buddy

  3. Happy birth day. I am naked.

  4. Well said about Deus Ex.

  5. Are you WinterWolf90? The guy off the IWD2 BIS boards?

  6. That's right. I'm watching you.

  7. Guns don't kill people; America does.

  8. Why don't you post anymore, Jinxie? :(

  9. I accurately predicted the type of wall comments I'd see if I visited this profile.

  10. Hey Di. Are you still around?

  11. Thanks for the advice buddy. I read your posts and meant to reply. Great to hear from you!

  12. I want to ride your pony!

  13. Is there anybody you'd like me to ban?

  14. That's cool dude. I take it you like anime?

  15. Oh gee, thanks! Please visit my profile and stare into my profile picture.

  16. It's definitely a different game. But it's also a sequel. I'd suggest playing it before you buy it if possible. It's got subquests (some are quite interesting), dialogue options (fairly basic), a nice pet system, a more advanced skill system, and the storyline is actually thoughtful and fairly deep (but linear so don't expect to play it twice). Party members have their own per

  17. Hey Pope, how goes life these days?

  18. I game therefore I am?

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