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  1. Oops happened to me too, so you're not alone. Anyway, regarding that sort of feel, I'd say out of these options BG would be best. Torment's atmosphere is too alien for this world, but then again Fogotten Realms is way more juvenile and fairy taleish than this seems to be, so it's pretty hard to say. IWD2 was pretty gritty and nice for FR, but combat heaviness was part of the atmosphere and that's not really my thing. Though I enjoyed IWD2 until Yuan-Ti stuff, it was fun combat-oriented adventure, but at that point it just became combat without any adventure or fun.
  2. Also I had an interesting realization while pondering on this, ironically I have heard people calling semi-old RPGs like Fallout and Arcanum sexist or even misogynist, yet in these RPGs you can play unsexualized normal woman. Newer games that are called "inclusive" and "female-friendly" tend to generally oversexualize (ofcourse there are exceptions) look of all the women up to armor even if it's not usually the extreme bikini-variety. Strange really when you come to think of it.
  3. I know I'm not probably allowed to ask, but I still want to know why do people want boob plates and chain bikinis anyway in a game like this? I mean I can understand the sex appeal, but atleast for me it kills immersion totally if all female armor available looks like cheap fetish fashion. Why not just have "special" kind of dungeon (and no I don't mean dungeon in RPG sense ) for that stuff? There are very few kind of worlds where such items feel approriate and can even be bool. They might fit to very bizarre and artistic world ie. Heavy Metal or some erotic-anime fantasy, but I don't see
  4. Ffordesoon summarized it pretty well there, but to be honest I want it to divert bit from IE-standard towards Fallout-style when it comes to exploration.
  5. Nice stuff. This guy seems to grasp spirit of classic RPGs well. Oddly enough I have never heard of him, but I might be just too old. I don't play modern games much. It's these kickstarters really that have awoken gaming spirit in me. Now when's the kickstar for Fallout + KODP? (latter is awesome game if bit unknown, go play it, it's even on GOG)
  6. I'm intrigued by this. Could you please link that post? It sounds worrisome indeed. Also in my opinion New Vegas and KoTOR2 were much stronger on story, C&C and quest design than characters. Especially KoTOR2 wasn't very good with characters aside Kreia. Regardless, I think it's safe to assume they're going for same route as say New Vegas. Probably same with talking vs. killing, main quest etc. It would be pretty strange if they're not, since that game was probably Obsidian's greatest success. Also now that they have Tim Cain along, I bet things will gravitate to that dire
  7. And I thought I was too grumpy and pessimistic when it comes to games, but it's refreshing to see someone who is even more. Anyway, 1. Yeah, I kinda agree here, but I believe you're underestimating Obsidian's capabilities. New Vegas was hell of an achievement and KoTOR2 was quite good despite being rushed. 2. Completely agree on this one though. 3. True, but then again Dead Money was a crazy experiment done in very short time. I think Obsidian already knows better not to pull anything like that again. Ironically enough it probably taugth them something, atleast I hope so. Still, I liked
  8. Considering Obsidian's two most recent attempts to make Deep and Interesting game mechanics (Alpha Protocol and Dead Money) I think Project Eternity needs a tactical combat focus as much as Obsidian needs to be bought out by EA. True, but it's different though as when developing those games obsidian lacked a forum like this to keep them grounded on what fans are expecting and want. I'm not one of those though and I'm not particularly interested in going to gameplay forums, so I'm not suggesting it, since I have no idea what to expect. Hopefully there are some good ideas there. Then ag
  9. You speak of truth and I'd say Torment's romances are the best examples of that kind, but me (oddly enough) I'm all for more traditional romances too. Not sure if I'd ever try them, but extra content never hurts. Thing is that as long as they're optional and not forced on your character they're fine to me. I'm a firm believer that a good RPG should offer something for everyone. Also I'd too love to see more NPC romances within your party. It's sadly really unexplored terroritory.
  10. Yeah, I sadly forgot those. Also regarding killable children it shouldn't be so ridiculously punished like it was in Fallout. Jagged Alliance 2 (not an RPG, but still) series handled it realistic, mature and appropriate way. Also regarding combat, I'm a storyfag on RPGs, for me it's all about dialogue and Command & Conquer. For tactics I go play turn based strategy, but it would be nice to se a modern RPG with good combat. I bet Wasteland 2 will deliver on that front though.
  11. This and I believe that particular massive Japanese cartoon series would be generally good place to look for inspiration on other characters too. Also for some strange reason I forgot Sulik from Fallout 2. I feel really bad for it, since he was really good character, but it was probably because he is only well done follower in those two games.
  12. This. Also NWN has several arches. It's not Japanese thing really. Infact it's really common in western RPGs too. It's pretty natural for story to be arched if it's long enough. It provides pace and keeps things interesting. Long non-arched story can end up very boring. Infact it's rarer to see any modern or even semi-modern story driven western RPG with non-arched story. Even Fallout 1&2 both had arching stories despite the freedom they offer. Even hybrids like Deus Ex and System Shock 2 have arching story. Also New Vegas is actually pretty pure dual arched story. First you just h
  13. Too hard to list really, but some of the worst ones I have seen are probably from original NWN. Like Deekin and that whatever paladin-girl who turns evil later. There is also Bastila, Atton and Carth, ugh, not the worst characters ever or particularly annoying, but hopelessly generic. Rest of the bunch isn't very interesting either, aside the black-comedy relief automat HK-47. I liked Mission from KoTOR-series though, but only because it was refreshing to have attractive teenage girl as a follower in a western game. Oh and there's that certain absurdly cruel, but pretty hilarious (in very
  14. I say go for more realistic dinosaur like dragons, just because it would be refreshing take on subject that has been like beating of a dead horse for decades. Maybe some would even lack wings. That would be pretty original. Oh and please don't make them intelligent, that kills all the beasty and predatory feeling I still don't find feathers a good idea though.
  15. Oddly enough I haven't seen topic like this here, so I will be first to start. In this thread we post things and features from our favourite RPGs we'd love to see in Project Eternity. I'll start with few games I have known and loved very dearly. Fallout 1&2: -Humour (some might find it bit childish though) -Very high verbal quality of dialog -Ability to talk your way out of most conflicts (if having necessary stats&skills) -Very free exploration (esp. Fallout 2) -Ending slides -Refreshingly daring take on sex (especially for it's time) -Random encounters (funny and scripted
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