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  1. Yeah I get a lot of what you're saying. The whole 'threw away the quest item' thing happened to me when I played Planescape: Torment. After carrying some item around forever I finally decided it wasnt of use and chucked it in a random box somewhere... Took me 2 hours to find that damn box again. It sucked, but it was good at the same time. The relief I felt when I found the item was a much bigger emotion than you get from other games. I made a mistake, I had to take responsibility for that mistake and fix it myself, not have the game automatically hand me a replica quest item, or not
  2. No one has touched, yet, on WHY new games have things like a codex. With-out actually asking the developers directly it seems to me the logical reason would be because modern games are entirely voice acted. All NPCs have a voice these days. It's what we as a gaming community expect. So they would have been faced with a problem: Do we give the lore to the NPCs and pay through the arse for the voice acting? That much voice acting would cost a pretty penny. Not likely. Do we give the lore to the NPCs and just have it as text? This is certainly not a hard thing but brings with it o
  3. Well to be fair at no stage did I suggest that a PC can (or should be able to) create a +5 weapon AND imbue it with magical properties. Nor is the imbuing in the way that I have described any sort of learned feat. It's something the PC is capable of because of who he is. It's the results of having control of ones own soul, knowing a certain skill/magic/whatever and being able to transfer that knowledge to an inanimate object. It's more the having the magical properties of a weapon imbued by someone else I dislike. For the reasons I mentioned in my previous post. The other thing is
  4. This doesn't really make much sense to me to be honest. The concept of choice in regards to how the weapon gains familiarity bonus completely destroys the immersion the mechanic is trying to create. If I bought a sword tomorrow and practiced with it for 30 days I wouldn't then get to make a choice on whether I hit harder with it or slice faster with it, would I? Not to mention you can't use a great sword as a piercing weapon no matter how hard you train with it. The way I see this working is if you made that choice when you first use the weapon. 'I want to learn to swing this gre
  5. I think this kind of thing can be found in almost any western RPG ever made. Honestly it's so common I'd never really considered it. Now you've gone and done it; it'll annoy the crap out of me every time I see it now. I like this idea, though. It adds some nice realism and immersion. It would also give the player a sense of power and accomplishment. Not only that, but it shows a sign of respect - or fear - from the NPCs of the world. A reactive world is ALWAYS more immersive. If implemented, should it be confined to just the knife vs full plate example? I mean, a considerably sk
  6. Honestly I'm happy with both. With today's tech 3D animated portraits will look absolutely fine. However, there's something special about having a cool 2D portrait. The biggest issue for me is, IF they opt for 2D portraits - and I suspect they will - PLEASE give us an in-game option to import (and crop) our own.
  7. I think - and it seems to be the general consensus - more creative implimentation of the basic elements is what we really crave. Something like the [Drown](http://nwn2.wikia.com/wiki/Drown) spell is certainly more creative use of the water element. Personally I've always liked the idea of introducing quantum mechanics as a magic into fantasy rpgs. What I didnt realise though is this is had literally always been the case. Stop and think about it for a second. Where does that fireball come from? How does a wizard just conjure up a fireball out of thin air? Well first he'd have to t
  8. Thank you. I've only been very interested in P:E for a short time, but I've read up on basically everything there is to read up on. Wish I had of heard about it while the kickstarter was still going, would have liked to contribute. Not sure how I missed it to be honest. I'd like to become a vocal member of the active community! Honestly I'm not sure I like the familiarisation mechanic in any form. It just seems like it would be too abusable, unless restricted by strict boundries that would probably make it a pointless mechanic in the first place. I think I prefer your tweak as m
  9. Ok, so perhaps I didn't quite understand what you were getting at. Can I assume what you want is to be able to - over time - create that +5 weapon and also have the familiaristion benefits you've built up over time? I wasn't saying that gear doesn't matter. I think at some point I actually said it always will. There's always optimal gear. I meant something more along the line's of 'hey I just found this great +4 full plate but I prefer the look of the +2 full plate I already have. Yeah you might get hit afew more times in combat but it's not a massive punishment for the choice you mad
  10. So... This thread has captured my imagination. Great discussion guys. Through-out the day I have read the entire thread - start to finish - and now feel compelled to add my two cents. There's too much I wish to quote and there-for am not going to quote a thing. So where to start... Firstly I think part of what OP is going for is the feel that a PC doesn't necessarily need great gear to become powerful/unique/heroic/whatever you want to call it. This is something I strongly agree with. If I'm to use what is possibly my all time favourite game as an example I'll talk about the Cl
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