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  1. Finish Half-Life 2... Order Half-Life 2: Episode I on Amazon... Difficult to wait, pain won't stop... I got it bad...
  2. HALF-LIFE 2. I finally decided to try it out.
  3. Although my first option is KOTOR 3, I would love that Obsidian to make a game about the Cthulhu Mythology from the master H. P. Lovecraft.
  4. For the PC: Bioshock Overlord This are the 2 games coming out soon that got my eye. Dragon Age from Bioware would be another one but there is no news from this game in some time now. Almost forgot: KOTOR 3 - Hope is the last thing to go...
  5. On the subject of rumors on the web... I just got wind about KOTOR 3 for Christmas 2007. Anybody getting the USA's official XBox360 magazine?
  6. Good news!!! I open the game folder on the first KOTOR CD and selected de "Setup" myself to initiate the install mode. It worked. I guess this is the way to go when the install.exe doesn't kick in. Should have thought of this before. I figured I ended this thread with the statement: problem solved and also say thanks to everyone that posted in to help me out.
  7. No dice for me. Windows XP is gone and Vista is here to stay. I will have to keep trying and hope for the best, or wait fot some patch or re-release of KOTOR. I have the international version for Europe, don
  8. I got Windows Vista two weeks ago and so far I had this happening with three games: >Tomb Raider: Legend. - All good. Install/play no problems > KOTOR - Can
  9. I know we already had someone from Lucasarts officialy say there is room for another KOTOR game in the future. We have the Dark Horse comic series (which I recommend) and a lot of loose talk here and there. But nobody seem to be in any hurry to get on with it. I believe that KOTOR II didn't do as well has KOTOR I in the accounting departament. I guess that an "ok" sales performance would mean some 250.000 units for the PC and 500.000 on the Xbox. Does anyone know if KOTOR II reached this numbers?? :ph34r:
  10. Do you know "Call Of Cthulhu: Dark Corners Of The Earth"? It's a action/adventure game (Splinter Cell type), but it's the best game around about the work of H. P.. Lovecraft.
  11. Hi there I'm just got VTM: Bloodlines reinstalled in my computer and going for a full run with a female Malquavian (wish me luck!!). I have a GeForce 6600 GT / Pentium 4 etc... but I can only play with 800x600 someting settings and everything slowess down with rain and many npc. You know what is like. But damn, this is a irresistible world, full of bizarre and compelling creatures. There are touches of greatness all over the game and you just feel that this should have been a "game of the year" but just crash like Icarus from the skies. I think that Obsidian can make something really special with this material. It seems to be right down their alley, so many posibiilties. There are growing with each game and even do I hope they strike gold with the Alien rpg, I just wish they considered WOD. Ps: sorry for any bad spelling
  12. It is the biggest reason to get the Add-on to SW Galaxies: Trials of Obiwan. There we have it: LA canibalizing KOTOR II to have something to maintain in life-support it's MMORPG, until it's big heart (liber, lungs...) transplant instored for 2006. With a sunking ship of a game and the present beating taked from World Of Warcraft - The MOST successful MMORPG to date, I guess they just got desperated. It was all to clear with the news of HK-47 "showing up" in Galaxies. Someone at LA figger out that the Droid Planet/HK-47 from KOTOR II would be just the right ingridients that a new add-on to their "Must Be Successful At All Cost" pet project had to have to be remotly interisting a few months more. Well isn't this nice. Maybe, just maybe, starwars games fans will get really lucky someday and the "genius" behind this "brilliant" tatic will get his but hicked out of Lucasarts and get replaced by someone with a brain.
  13. Thank you for clering this up for me. I now think this patch is a total rip-off/insult to the owners of this game. Come on, I wasn't expecting them to hire Blizzard to do some expectacular cutscenes, but coming up with some tiwiks that only 0,1% owners of this game can "enjoy"?? Why bother at all, I ask With this game is just one dispointment after another
  14. I'm have install KOTOR II in my computer again so I could try the new "High Quality Media patches". I went to nZone and spent time an money (my next internet bill will let me know) downloading 1 GIgaByte of data, install it and start playing the game. After reaching the worst cutscene of the game: The Introduction of Darth Nihilus/Visas Marr, I am left with one excrusieting doubt - WHY DID I BOTHER TO DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THIS PATCHES????? There is not a single improvement that a I can tell, exactly what are the differences in this game with 1 GigaByte of patches???? Everything is exactly the same, o no sorry, the worst cutscene now jams twice (everytime) in 30 seconds. Are this patches someone's idea of a joke?? :angry: Someone please clear this mather to me
  15. I stop by Nzone, them I check the size of the patches and got cool feet. Are they worth the trouble? Mind you, if the movies and sound are KOTOR I quality, I will begin download imediatly. Can I just install movie patches 1 and 2 first and later install the others or do I have to do them all at once? Thank for the assistance :">
  16. I know there is nearly imposible to expect a game to come out perfect. I happens with Blizzard's and Bioware's games an they are in my opinion the developers that go all the way to lock after their games. I know that developers have to stop putting things in after a certain point, but It gaming developement is clearly a field were creativity and ambition should be the forces shapping the work. I just play games, I don't make them, but like with movies I know when I'm satisfied and want to congratulate somebody for their work. I didn't feel this way with Bloodlines and KOTOR II, this were to me 2 games that didn't cross the finish line. But on simple tecnical point of view - I will chalenge any developer from Obsidian or anyone else to play "Dungeon Lords" and honestly conclude that is was a finish game, ready to go for sale. I think that with any business, a company stands out when it doesn't waist the chances that come their way. KOTOR II wasn't the best start for Obsidian, It looked like it was going to reach the moon and then give up when it was leaving the Earth atmosfere. I chance to stand tall was miss. I hope that NWN 2 will be all that it can be.
  17. Vampires The Masquerade - Bloodlines KOTOR II - The Sith Lords Dungeon Lords The Bard's Tale The last 4 RPG's for the PC that failed to deliver because ... ... they came out incompleted, rushed, not properly tested. Thinking that everything can be fix / be OK with some patches later? I becoming aware that the gaming industry is just all the other industies, they have to make money (as much as posible), but is this what we must prepare ourselfes for? Wait several months after a game is released until we have the first patch??? Buy a good RPG a year?? Does the game developers/publishers think that this is a normal situation??
  18. I think this so call "new and improved" attitude is just damage control for a marketing point of view. Lucasarts is not EA (mainstream king), Blizzard (n.
  19. Blast!!! Okey, I just know that I'm in trouble but I just need to hear my sentence. Statement: I got Handmaiden at Telos, talk to her a lot, got on the Ebon Hawk and had a fight with her that I won (basic moves or something), a then face Visas and was a true gentlemen with her (got her to say that she will sacrifice herself to keep me safe, etc), Handmaiden comented to me that she thought that "that Sith" was nothing but trouble. I then did what (I just now) to be the kingsize mistake of getting the 2 together when I went exploring to Nar - Shardar... I really blow it with Hnadmaiden didn't I?? Ps: Please excuse my spelling
  20. Awesome!! (w00t) This is the only word that comes to my mind. When I completed this game I couldn't help feeling that another oportunity for greatness had been wasted. 2/3 of the game lead to an ambitiuos and epic final 1/3 that simple wasn't there. I won't buy any explanation for continuinity sake (K3) or last minute plot direction changes, the game came out incomplete. There is no other posibility to me. Since LA and Obsidian have their hands tie (I won't bother to speculate which one is to blame, or more to blame for this situation) I was up to someone else to try to make things right. Lucky for all of us KOTOR fans, you guys took the job. All I can say is a big THANK YOU and that I'm counting the days to play K2 as it was ment to be. Take your time and give us hell (no killing in heaven sucks)!!!
  21. TAKE THE DARK SIDE SERIOUSLY The main point in repleability for the KOTOR series is light and dark endings (beside male and female posible interactions) but the light side campain is the most elaborated and rich How would this be for a dark sider: In K1 after you reasume your identity of Dark Revan and go to Korriban you should had been able to take control of the Sith Academy and rally your forces to take back the star forge and defeat Malak. Instead of just killing everyone and just keep pretending that nothing has changed for the Jedi Council. In k2 be able to chalenge one of the Sith Lords for the control of the Sith or use the Exchange to get that control At the very least the Sith should react diferently if you are clearly going down the dark side - as not to attack you blindely no matter what I know that this would be harder to implement but hei this are professional game developers and making good games is their business right??? There are more things to get right but this is the things that I just felt that is really missing (and should have been) ps: sorry for some bad spelling
  22. I'm playing as a Jedi Watchman and I would like to fix things with my ex-girlfriend - Atris. I just beat her to save the Handmaiden and she has retreated to her santuarium (with all the Sith holocrons), how I can pull this off? What lines should I choose? I'm just can help myself around beautiful female caracthers :D
  23. I apolegize, I didn't notice you had already address this situation when I did my post.
  24. Today - 3 December Is the day, right?? I live in Portugal - Europe. GMT Meridian Greenwich time I went to the site this morning and the news are from 2 December When is the update?''
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