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  1. I read the thread. I just thought you needed to hear it again since you have been ignoring it for so long. But here's something I don't think anybody has said yet... You're Insane, get help. Nobody who thinks like you do can get any kind of enjoyment out of life. I shudder to think about your optimal solution to relationships. There needs to be a balance between what is optimal and what is fun. Balance is key in all things. And I'm not talking about refusing to use the Master Sword because it's too O.P. I for one, look for optimization as well, but I will not stray outside the realm of what i
  2. I'm pretty sure Waterd is just a computer. He doesn't think, he calculates. He is an unfeeling machine designed to conquer all video games of the world in the most boring, joyless manner possible. Seriously dude. You sound like you try everything in your power to avoid having fun with any kind of game, so what do you want from us? As for your whole "It´s optimal to minimize the risk by grinding easy enemies." thing, wtf. If you are actually willing to grind for hours and hours on the same map just to make the next map a little easier, then maybe the only way you can have fun is to waste your l
  3. "If the designer tell me those 4 games are fun, because he designed them to be fun, then sure i will play any of them." So you can only have fun with something if you have been told by someone else that it is fun? Waterd...I think everyone has been way too nice to you. it's nobody's job to make a game to satisfy you personally. a game has to be made for a general audience, not tailor made to suit every random person on the planet. if you like the game for the most part but some minor feature annoys you, change that feature yourself. stop whining and learn how to mod. or wait for someon
  4. RTWP is like 1/2 turn-based, and 1/2 real time. It gives you the option to be careful and strategic in difficult battles by pausing a lot. It also gives you the option to blow through easy fights quickly by not pausing at all. It's the best of both worlds. I don't see what the problem is, Waterd.
  5. Didn't like the combat. Both sides just meet up in a big group for a huge cluster****. Non human races look ridiculous, especially the godlings. Just human bodies with goofy heads stuck on them. dwarf is a human squished up a bit. several fights could be solved with just two characters while the other 4 just watched. I really hope the game can be played with just 3 guys, because managing six characters is terrible. Hopefully there will be cash dropping like crazy because with only a few inventory slots for each character, picking up and selling loot is not much of an option. The beta wasn't f
  6. Just saw the video JWestFall posted about the inXile Torment project and I have one question: Chris Avellone, what the hell happened to your thumb? Was it a terrible thumbwar accident? You look like you could never win another match with that jacked up thumb, man. lol
  7. All this sounds great. I've been following Shadowrun Returns also, another kickstarter project, and already this one seems more promising. SRR is starting to disappoint me a bit honestly. Also, when will you be doing beta-testing? I'm sure it will be a long way off, but I really want to be a part of it. I've never played a beta before, and I can't play this game soon enough. Hopefully beta is not open only to backers, but that may be the case, idk.
  8. I hope this game will be awesome. I've loved the Witcher ever since I got the first one a few years ago. Didn't like the combat as much in the sequal, mainly because they took out combat styles. I did, however, like the new talent system. I hope Witcher 3 is the best of the previous two games, with the same attention to detail of the stories, as well as skyrim's open world. I am very optimistic about this game, hope it rocks!
  9. I like the direction this pantheon is going. It has a very "greek" feel to it, I like that. Gods are not the extreme examples of good or evil upon which the morality of mortals is based, like in D&D. But that makes me wonder about how alignment affects paladins, if alignment even exists in this game. I like the idea of a paladin adhering to a strict moral code, that's the main thing that makes them hard to play. Stray from the path and you lose all your cool powers and become a lame fighter. In Baldur's Gate that mechanic was represented in kind of a lame way. If your rep drops too
  10. I do not want to see armor deterioration of any kind. I hate games where you have to repair your gear. It's like paying rent. I already paid real money to buy the game, now I have to pay game-money to repair my gear and continue playing. It may be more realistic, but this is a game, reality sucks. As for weapon swapping, how about we take a lesson from Icewind Dale II. You have four weapon sets and you can switch between them in combat. Those are the only weapons you can access in a fight. Maybe fighters and similar classes have more weapon sets than others. I kinda like the "top of t
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