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  1. Thanks for looking into this, but please both yourself and Paradox read majestic's post regarding this: The upgrades for games are available so what's the problem? By Paradox saying "technical issue with GOG Technology" does that mean the optional client not being able to do it? At my end, the upgrade option is shown to be there for other games and Paradox isn't doing anything about it or doesn't know how to
  2. Not entirely impressed that if your key/contents is/are wrong we are to "use the backer portal" instead of the actual place I would like the game I am eligible for the Royal Edition (Digital Fun Pack + Strategy Guide) yet it says I have the Champion Edition (not redeemed). I have written to support and hope this is worked out ASAP as I would like the game and all it's Royal contents on GOG, not spread out over two websites
  3. Or anyone that backed at the $50 tier and has added the Digital Strategy Guide seeing as it's the same as the Royal Edition that way IIRC
  4. Please follow this: go to https://eternity.obsidian.net/backer/index and log in if you aren't already Your first screen should look something like this. Please note it is shown as (1) Pledges on the Scale at the top of the screen Press Select Reward down the bottom right and continue on to the second screen (2) Pledges as shown on the scale up top Unless you want to upgrade your pledge, which you don't, click the button for the $140 pledge and then click Continue to next step You will now be on the (3) Addons screen as shown on the scale up top. You stated you don't want addons so click Continue to next step at the bottom On the next screen, click Checkout, enter your relevant details and the rest should be obvious. If not, ask again here and I'll do my best to help I hope this helps end your frustration
  5. Personally I'd love if he could do both the LP vids and a blog so I could get the best of both worlds
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