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  1. Also helps if you have rep for being a monster: Nobunaga earned the nickname 'Demon King'.
  2. It wasn't common because it was only useful in long drawn out conflicts and for intimidation, but some archers such as the Scythians and the Japanese under Nobunaga used excrement (Both animal and human) on their arrows for delayed but deadly results. Against small sorties and during a first engagement it does a lot of damage to morale. Biological warfare!
  3. Adding onto this. I think making romance a stretch goal may be counter-productive to the story of the game if the story didn't intend to have romances in the first place. It would be shoe-horning a romance in via stretch goal and that seems like a bad idea. If the dev's already have a theme and story worked out in pre-development and no romances are in, then going to a KS and adding it in later with stretch goals may hurt the story. I could see people seeing Obsidian as 'selling out' to the lowest common denominator to get more money, when they never intended to have romances in the first plac
  4. No you wouldn't. There is no requirement to scale or compensate for anything just because you allow a second human entity to input commands into the same game instance as the first. Besides, it's not like a 2nd player can do anything with that other party member that the first couldn't already do with pausing. Yes, Mass Effect 3 is a great example of something no one ever has to do simply to put multiplayer into agame. Thus, you don't want multiplayer support to influence the singleplayer game. I join you in disliking that, on principle. However, it doesn't have to do so, so unless you d
  5. So you're complaining about how other people play. Gotcha. Of course I am; because they are inherently not me and thus play differently. Complaining about multiplayer because it is multiplayer is redundant.
  6. I'm telling you what multiplayer doesn't inherently mean, and you're telling me how it happens to be implemented a lot of the time. I don't see an actual disagreement, here. Allowing (the key word being "allowing") co-operative play has never prevented singleplayer play from occurring. Hypothetically, if every single singleplayer game ever made had an optional multiplayer mode that merely allowed a second person (if not more than 2 people) to also provide input to the video game alongside the first person, in the exact same gameplay setting/mode/scenario/what-have-you, then you'd never
  7. That's quite a splendid argument against mandatory co-operative play, but not against the availability of co-operative play. Just because people don't always want to swing with other people doesn't mean we should only ever build swing"sets" with only one swing, in isolation. However single player games are being rooted out; exterminated like a virus. Also swing sets are a good example; they seat one person, how uncomfortable and dangerous they must be when you have someone on your lap squirming against the momentum of the swing. Now imagine a few dozen all riding the one swing, crowdi
  8. Concentration and solitaire are quite old; there are probably better examples too of single player gaming at its earliest. However from the gaming standpoint isn't it because of the annoying details of humouring another person in a game that singleplayer exists at all? I remember the pause battles on older consoles. I find being alone adds to the experience of games, movies and other entertainment; there is no distraction or arguing, no one to spoil the story or laugh at what is serious.
  9. I play a lot of games; the really restricting part is I'm a single player gamer only. MMO's, team and co-ops are all just gimmicks that I never put into use. For the older games they were optional and minor expansions at best but lately they have been all-consuming. I am glad that POE and other games like it have gone the single player route. For atmosphere and story nothing beats a game that is focused entirely upon you.
  10. Certainly the binding of souls to their corpses permanently would be an abomination; however if this were done temporarily wouldn't it be little more than mildly disgusting? As for combat, turning an enemy corpse into an undead with their own soul is not really practical; they'll still be mostly rational and probably turn on the animancer. So what if for combat purposes you summon an allied soul into the corpse? An old pet dog's for example? Also I could see this kind of skill gaining pseudo-acceptance if it is used to converse with the dead. Who killed you? Where did you leave the keys or
  11. In the case of heraldry there were several texts showing historical and more recent examples of the local heraldry (and well known foreign and extinct lines) written and laboriously hand copied by scribes and monks, so depending on location you could get a decent copy of a coat of arms that didn't differ very much from the current form or the original. The earliest example was written in the 1350's.
  12. Perhaps like crystals the shards are 'seeded' to grow new ones? Imagine the confusion of meeting your soul's other pieces and what elements of yourself chose to do. Very Torment-like.
  13. If it was all random, then certainly. Crappy life -> try again. But if there's a moral code by which things work, like suicide = sin -> you're downgraded in next life, patient sufferin = valued -> upgraded in next life, things would work out all different. Perhaps the old, wretched cripple begging for alms to avoid starvation is secretly overjoyed because next life = wealthy, rockstar equivalent.
  14. Haven't seen the NPC project for Icewind Dale 2 at the gibberlings3 mod site? Yes, now even the Dalelands have been overrun by promancers. Soon we shall conquer all! edit: Oh yes, welcome too.
  15. Just to add fuel to the fire on dwarven women = beards debate. The Discworld series features a dwarven race which is almost completely uniform i.e. "All dwarfs have beards and wear upto twelve layers of clothing. Gender is more or less optional." (From 'GUARDS, GUARDS!') They only use 'he' even when the dwarf in question is clearly female. However as the series progresses and the dwarf race is enmeshed in cultural changes brought on by the printing press and so forth they start to have vocally female dwarfs who shave and wear revealing clothes and makeup. Even their newly elected, so-called
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