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  1. Acting/dialogue quests. Ones where you can fool people with dialogue stat checks or whatever. Something for example like a thieves guild quest where you have to steal something valuable from a mansion, and you disguise yourself as a guest and try to blend in. You know, like some kind of heist movie. It makes me feel good beating an opponent through words, and not always with a sword.
  2. I liked the lower class-ish way a lot of the NPCs in Planescape Torment mispronounced and shortened words. I dunno if it was done with an accent generator or just written by hand, but it added a lot of personality to the dialogue.
  3. Crafting is definitely one of my biggest dislikes in modern games. I don't want crafting to be superior to finding a special item or getting one from a series of quests. Amalur and Skyrim are awful at it - crafting Daedric/Dragon Equipment in Skyrim which you can't get anywhere else, and creating your own weapons in Amalur making the whole loot aspect pretty lame when nothing you find is anywhere near as good as what you have.
  4. I kind of like the special main character approach. Pretty much all Obsidian games use it anyway, and their stories usually revolve around that character.
  5. Too much crafting. I kinda like BG2's take on it, where there isn't much of it, and the items require specific one of a kind "ingredients". I hate the Skyrim or Amalur or whatever take on it though, where you craft the best items instead of finding them and you carry around so much trash materials. I know crafting is going to be in this, but I just hope it's pretty minor.
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